Health Care Hero: ‘You never know what is coming through the door’

Rosemary Hendricks

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Rosemary Hendricks

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Name: Rosemary Hendricks

Hometown (where you live now): Urbana

Job title: Staff RN

Where do you work: Mercy Health — Urbana Hospital


Describe what your day is like/what you do: Provide primary nursing care to a wide range of acuity levels. It includes caring for the patient as a whole psychologically, socially and spiritually. Skill level includes ICU, telemetry and medical/surgical nursing care.

What inspired you to get into health care? When I was young, I would sit and listen to my mom and aunt share their experiences as nurses. It sparked an interest that I pursued and has continued to be my passion today.

Health Care Hero: Prayers, support for health care providers critical

What's a memorable experience you've had in health care? There is not just one ah-ha moment. It is the little things that happen everyday that become that moment. It is that moment a patient needing life sustaining measures returns after being discharged just to say thank you. It is that moment you have made your hospice patient comfortable for the first time, and see the relief and gratitude of the family. It is that moment you see the swing bed patient with COPD who could not stand at the bedside without increased shortness of breath improve enough to be discharged and able to walk the length of the hallway.

Health Care Hero: ‘I really love my job’

What do you want readers to know about your job right now? As a nurse at Mercy Health-Urbana Hospital for the last 33 years, there have been many changes to the unit and to health care in general. It requires you to maintain your skill level and education because you never know what is coming through the door. It has been very rewarding throughout the years. I have made many friends with the people I work with, not just in my department but other departments as well. I always said this is my second family. It is unprecedented times we are living through right now, so each day brings its own challenges and rewards.