Fire department receives masks from community, two 10-year-old girls

Abby Bean, 10, along with her friend Khloee Young, also 10, made masks for the Bethel Township Fire Department. CONTRIBUTED
Abby Bean, 10, along with her friend Khloee Young, also 10, made masks for the Bethel Township Fire Department. CONTRIBUTED

The Bethel Twp. Fire Department is continuing to receive masks from the community in an effort to shield first responders and residents they may come in contact with during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bethel Twp. Trustee Nancy Brown asked the local community to help make masks through Facebook.

“At the time, the chief said he would like some masks because they were afraid they would run out,” Brown said.

Since then, the fire department has received more masks from the Clark County Health District, but they are continuing to use the homemade masks as well, Brown explained.

“They wanted masks that they could wear when the firemen are in the station.” Brown said. “They wanted to save the official masks for when they were with patients.”

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Along with the local community, two 10-year-old girls decided to help out.

Abby Bean and Khloee Young, fifth graders at Bethel Elementary School in Tipp City, attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Brown.

The two friends found out that Brown’s fire department needed masks and wanted to help out.

“The girls got really excited when they heard the masks were going to firefighters,” Khloee’s mother, Cyndee Young said.

Abby’s mother, Tami Bean explained that they saw a video on Facebook showing how to sew masks and knew that’s what they needed to do.

The girls also made masks for a hospital in Cleveland.

“My favorite part was giving to other people,” Abby said. “I believe if we give to others we also give to God.”

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This was Kholee’s first time sewing. She said she enjoyed helping the fire department, while spending time with her friend.

“It was just a really neat experience as a mom to sit down with your daughter and teaching them how to sew something that was going to help out other people - so those people can continue to do their job and help others in the time of need,” Cyndee said.

Tami hopes other community members will help others like the girls have.

“If we each try to build and give, I think it will help everybody take a little bit of the weight off of someone else.” Tami said.

Brown said she has delivered 75 to 100 masks to the fire department and knows that there are still more people making masks.

“There are so many good people in the world,” Brown said. “That’s the silver lining to this whole terrible situation.”

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