Coronavirus: Some Clark County restaurants temporarily close amid pandemic

A few Clark County restaurants have decided to temporarily close their doors - after providing carryout and delivery options to residents.

“We stayed open, up to the point where they mandated that people stay home,” Duke Level, owner of Un Mundo Cafe said.

Gov. Mike DeWine announced on March 15 that the Ohio Department of Health issued an order closing all Ohio bars and restaurants to in-house patrons due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants with carryout and delivery options are still able to operate those services.

“We tried to stay open, reduced our hours, tried to see if it would even work,” Level said. “But it’s not cost effective for us to be open. We were losing money.”

Level said he plans to evaluate weekly and keep customers updated via Facebook.

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Andrea Barr, owner of StageCoach Cafe, stayed open for the first week, but decided to temporarily close for two weeks to update the cafe.

“With us not really knowing what the effects of this is, I thought it would be a more optimum time to take advantage of this slow down in business,” Barr said.

The week StageCoach Cafe was open, Barr said business was OK because they have built “a decent carry-out customer base.”

Barr had planned to reopen on April 7, but with DeWine’s announcement Thursday that the stay at home order is being extended to May 1, she said she will reevaluate. She is encouraging customers to check StageCoach Cafe’s Facebook page for updates.

“I can’t afford to lose my business either. I put four years of blood, sweat and tears into this place,” Barr said. “I’ve been with it this long, I have to at least stick it out until they tell me I can’t.”

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Some restaurants thought it would be in their best interest to close before testing carryout and delivery.

“We would lose money,” Stella Bleu Bistro Chef and Co-Owner Darin Mitchell said. “I feel like if we tried to do somewhat of a carryout thing I think we would just lose more money.”

Mitchell explained that he buys items in cases like most restaurant owners and worries he would not be able to sell enough to make a profit.

When Mitchell heard about DeWine’s order, he said he was automatically in fear he would lose everything.

“I understand. It is something that needed to be done for everyone’s safety,” Mitchell said. “But, the unknown is so scary.”

Other restaurants that are closed include Collier’s Family Restaurant, Guerra’s Krazy Taco, Golden Jersey Inn, Hibachi Grill, Hung Lung, Mark Pi, Mela Urban Bistro, Olympic Coney Island, Ridgewood Cafe, Scout’s Cafe, and Teaberries.

“I’m very optimistic. I know this will pass and we will get through this,” Level said. “It’s just having to navigate through uncertain times.”

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