Finance director promoted to assistant village manager

Yellow Springs promotes from within.

Melissa Vanzant, the new village assistant manager, was sworn into her position during the council meeting Tuesday night.

Vanzant signed a three-year contract that includes an 18 percent pay increase in her annual salary from from about $68,000 to $80,000.

“I’ve been here for two years and have gotten a really good feel for how the village administration operates,” she said. “I’ve been interested in getting my hands into more of the projects on a different level other than just financially.”

Vanzant, 34, has worked for the village as the finance director since 2013.

Vanzant will continue to handle the duties of finance director, but she will also take on additional responsibilities related to development projects and will work with various village commissions.

“I have such a deep love for the village,” she said. “I’m really excited to have the opportunity to give back in a different way.”

Vanzant will replace John Yung who resigned, effective Sept. 4, after working for the village for eight months. He accepted a position with a private company.

Yung was hired from a pool of 50 applicants. After he resigned, Yellow Springs Village Manager Patti Bates re-evaluated the resumes of some of the top candidates.

“After consideration of those applicants, along with Melissa’s qualifications, I chose to promote internally,” Bates said. “… She is very well-qualified, holding a master’s of public administration degree from Wright State University, and has shown an exemplary work ethic during her tenure. She grew up in the area, and her continued concern for making the village a better place for everyone is the icing on the cake.”

Yung, the first assistant village manager, started in the new role on Jan. 5. He was hired three years after the council eliminated the planning assistant and economic sustainability coordinator part-time positions and added the assistant village manager position.

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