Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff

Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



17-CV-0455 - KeyBank NA v. Laura A. Payne, Galloway, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 1767 S. Center Blvd., for $49,575.


State of Ohio v. Jon Nathan Johnson, termination of probation, case closed.

State of Ohio v. Troy Davis, convicted of having weapons while under disability, three years prison with credit for jail time served.

Sara A. Wissel and Daniel C. Wissel, dissolution of marriage.

Dawn G. Bowen v. Franklin E. Bowen, case dismissed.


Marriage Licenses

Sara Renee Fowler, 32, New Carlisle, property manager, and Tyler Hal Thompson, 31, New Carlisle, production.

Catherine Nicole Clark, 28, 2364 Lagonda Ave., active treatment aide, and Brandon Curtis Bryan, 29, 2364 Lagonda Ave., general laborer.

Isabella Sierra Hicks, 20, Enon, military police/soldier, and John-Robert Coppock II, 24, Yellow Springs, firefighter/paramedic.


Property Transfers

Ronald G. and Janet E. Bare to Brittany A. Williams, 15 Fair Ave., Medway; $107,500.

Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO to Vbannex B. Borrower LLC, 220 Slayton St., New Carlisle; $55,000.

Geraldine Spangler, Trustee, to Jerry and Deborah Costa, 3924 Cloverdale Road, Medway; $115,000.

The Cornell Group LLC to Vbannex B. Borrower LLC, 309 Fenwick Dr., New Carlisle, and 605 Mead Lane, 2010 Rutland Ave., 432 Mountjoy St., and 307 Warren Dr., Springfield; $230,000.

Crystal Properties LLC to Vbannex B. Borrower LLC, 224-230 Orth Dr., New Carlisle; $124,000.

John K. Jones to Tamara L. Alegria Dybvig, 107 N. Scott St., New Carlisle; $105,000.

Margaret B. Atkins and Emel L. Atkins, Trustees, to Gregory J. Atkins, 0 Clifton Road, Springfield; no fee.

Kara N. Hennigan to Robert and Patricia Ann Back, 204 S. Urbana St., South Vienna; $83,000.

Leon F. Reeb to Angela K. Adkins, Trustee, 8968 Selma Pike, South Charleston; no fee.

Doris A. Foster to David A. and Tenna M. Mitchell, 1287 and 0 Red Oak Cir., Springfield; $27,000.

Gary D. Fanning to Gary D. Fanning, 150 Western Ave., Enon; no fee.

Linda Williamson and Brian Haggerty to Brian Haggerty, 3239 Mechnicsburg Road, Springfield; no fee.

Dorthy M. Leath to Paula Herald and Cassidy Herald, 3989 Covington Dr., Springfield; $50,200.

Matthew S. and Stephanie A. Artis to Margaret I. Byers and Dorian S. Byers, 4267 Helena Dr., Springfield; $107,600.

Mark Lookabaugh to Alice Ann Mannon, 4424 Ridgewood Road, E., Springfield; $66,000.

Charles Leigh Mellott to Joseph and Teresa Sisler, 1327 Cameron Ave., Springfield; $117,000.

Tracey L. Williams to Tracey L. Williams and Nello Adducchio, 355 Moorefield Road, Springfield; no fee.

Cedargate Properties LLC to Vbannex B. Borrower LLC, 2175 S. Yellow Springs St., 1924 Scarboro St., 1429 Broadway St., and 122 Bassett Dr., Springfield; $190,000.

Cornell Estates LLC to Vbannex B. Borrower LLC, 2217 S. Hadley Road, Springfield; $53,500.

Prime Properties LLC to Vbannex B. Borrower LLC, 633 S. Douglas Ave., 1832 Memorial Dr., and 735 Grandview Dr., Springfield; $156,000.