Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Bill Lackey/Staff
Bill Lackey/Staff

Current cases

State of Ohio vs. James Rakestraw, defendant admits to violating community control, sentenced to continue serving community control

State of Ohio vs. James Lee Messer II, defendant pleas guilty to aggravated trafficking in drugs, serve prison term of 36 months.

Auditor’s Office

Property Transfers

Alper Sarihan to ADJ RE LLC, 383 Reames Ave., Springfield; no fee

Alper Sarihan to ADJ RE LLC, 348 Reames Ave., Springfield; no fee

Alper Sarihan to ADJ RE LLC 732 Allen Dr., Springfield; no fee

Stearns Lending LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2055 Kenton St., Springfield; no fee

Matthew C. and Mary L. Shuman to Sarah Luise Lawson, 2630 Dwight Road, Springfield; no fee

Venture Real Estate Group LLC to Katie M. Schafer and David L. Clingenpeel, 125 Bellaire Ave., Springfield; $45,000

Melissa J. Smith Trustee to Sidney Colin, 1518-1520 Logan Ave., Springfield; $30,000

Joshua A. and Jennifer J. Kenton to Lindsay Travis, 847 Elder St., Springfield; $10,000

Shirley Whetstone to Logan Sheldon, 645 E. Southern Ave., Springfield; $23,000

Carl E. and Sarah J. Leeth to Carl E. Leeth, 619, 641 S. Belmont Ave., Springfield; no fee

Andrew J. Yates to Anastacio and Alejandra Hernandez, 1578 Highland Ave., Springfield; $12,500

Laura Vee Murdock Trustee to Frederick Alan Murdock, 235 W. Euclid Ave., Springfield; no fee

Joyce Chilton to Loretta Portis, 110-112 W. Southern Ave., Springfield; $22,500

Childrens Rescue Center Inc., to Dream City Ministries, 403 Selma Road, Springfield; no fee

Gerald W. and Jennifer F. Tritle to MUMMA AAQ LLC, 724-726 N. Murray St., Springfield; $28,000

Lorraine Elizabeth Wilson to Kelly Clark, 133 N. Broadmoor Blvd., Springfield; no fee

Bonnie H. Stewart to Huma A. Bashir LLC, 2213 N. Limestone St., Springfield; $120,000

Maxine E. Murphy Trustee to James Robert Murphy Trustee, 1716 Trinity Dr., Springfield; no fee