Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-CV-0563 - U.S. Bank NA, as Trustee, v. Helen Jean Kaffenbarger aka Helen Jean Reynolds, 2542 Tecumseh Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $49,254.

18-CV-0564 - Eric R. Samuelson, Rear 320 S. Clairmont Ave., v. Abel Ngoh, Dayton, complaint for breach of contract and damages in an amount not less than $25,000, etc., concerning property located at 1714 E. Main St.

18-CV-0568 — The City of Springfield, Ohio, 76 E. High St., v. Springfield Chiropractic Center, Inc. and Daniel L. Lynch, 3150 El Camino Drive; plaintiff demands judgment of $19,357.

18-DS-0946 - Matthew Paul Taylor, 1101 Spruce Dr., and Lynnette Rae Taylor, 1101 Spruce Dr., petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DR-0951 - Jeffrey A. Hoffman, 3008 Maplewood Ave., v. Peggy S. Hoffman, 3008 Maplewood Ave., complaint for divorce.

18-DP-0954 - Billie Joseph, 1628 Shadeland Dr., v. Kristy Joseph, 1840 Morgan St., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.


Zachary A. Johnston and Sarah Johnston, dissolution of marriage.

Scott E. Combs v. Rodney Grooms, civil stalking protection order granted.

Amber N. Lewis v. Richard T. Lewis, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Nicholas Lee Mathews v. Julia Marie Matthews, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Security National Bank, division of The Park National Bank, v. Martha B. Bittner, case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

State of Ohio v. Terrell Compton, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Rasu L. Taylor, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Jerome Wood Jr., convicted of breaking and entering, nine months prison with credit for jail time served, $925 restitution.

Arthur Johnson, Administrator, v. Pawnstar, Inc., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Selene Finance LP v. United States of America, case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Lewis Botkins Jr., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.


Marriage Licenses

Misti Leigh Cheryl Cowburn, 27, South Charleston, stay-at-home mom, and Spencer Ryan Saulters, 28, South Charleston.

Bradley Gene Gorre, 26, 835 ½ N. Limestone St., machinist, and Jana Chanel Stanhope, 30, 835 ½ N. Limestone St., press operator.

Wayne Edward Turner, 71, New Carlisle, retired, and Katherine Sue Williams, 69, New Carlisle, design uniforms.


Property Transfers

Kenneth R. Keeton to Miranda J. Munoz, 230 Grove Road, two parcels, Medway; $47,000.

Phillip Bond to Jessica N. Young and Linda A. Burba, 637 Bowser Dr., New Carlisle; $85,000.

Steven Alan Riffle to Justin M. Smith and Ashlee N. Ferguson, 1139 Chalet Ave., New Carlisle; $95,000.

MC Home Remodeling LLC to Jose Rodriguez and Maria G. Martinez Ocegueda, 231 Braun St., New Carlisle; $93,000.

Security National Bank, Trustee, to Samantha Long, 890 Enon Road, New Carlisle; no fee.

Adam M. Overholser to Landon Johnson, 3931 Lawrenceville Dr., Springfield; $160,000.

David B. and Lori S. Snyder to Logan A. Scarberry, 1451 Groop Road, Springfield; $32,500.

Michael L. and Rebecca L. Thiede to Kevin C. Pollock, 2609 Arthur Road, Springfield; $140,000.

Matthew C. Spiker to Thomas Snider and Hannah Slye, 6809 Southern Vista Dr., Enon; $113,000.

Kristina L. and Shawn Danley to Ariel and Samuel Ford, 4386 Helena Dr., Springfield; $123,500.

Philip A. Pierce Jr., and Lori A. H. Pierce, Trustees, to Sarah T. Pierce, Trustee, 2611 Sugar Tree Trl., New Carlisle; no fee.

Lynn Nicole Johnson to Mackenzie L. Baird and Daniel L. Kaufman, 2149 Seminole Ave., Springfield; $59,500.

Suzanne M. Luthe to Gary W. Osborn, 528 Vale-Cemetery Road, 0 Vale Road and 2626 Ridge Road, Springfield; no fee.

Jeannie C. Miller and Karen E. Matthews to Karen E. Mathews, 2651 Danbury Road, Springfield; no fee.

Marion R. Sparks and Lisa A. Sparks to Joshua and Cassandra Sparks, 1924 Falmouth Ave., Springfield; $80,000.

JBD Springfield LLC to Northland Apts. LLC, 1311-1315 and 1335-1339 Vester Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Jin Yi Chen to Eric Swan and Alan Lassiter, 613E Villa Road, Springfield; $44,000.

CR 2018 LLC to Brian K. Smith, 1109 S. Western Ave., Springfield; $3,900.

M & A Sparrow Properties LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 415-415 ½ N. Race St., Springfield; no fee.

Marlene I. Stant to Mo Mad Dad Properties LLC, 2207 Beatrice St., Springfield; no fee.

DEP Springfield LLC to Springwood Apts LLC, 910, 816-840, 1020-1024 and 1026-1030 E. John St., Springfield; no fee.

580 East McCreight Ltd., to Mako Investments LLC, 850-852 E. McCreight Ave., Springfield; $56,000.

Affordable Living LLC to Coin Jar Properties LLC, 1507-1509 Woodward Ave., Springfield; $56,700.

Glenda F. Sparrow to Glen Sparrow, 215 Parkwood Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Debra A. Johnson to Isaias Cabrera, 430 E. Euclid Ave., Springfield; $1,000.

Hargus R. Wells Jr. and Roseann Lavonne Wells to Garlind Properties Ltd., 1129-1131 Clifton Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Kris Shawver to Bakers Locksmith LLC, 0 Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; $25,000.

Brian Carl Morrison to Mo Mad Dad Properties LLC, 108 E. Third St., Springfield; no fee.

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