Cedar Point working on new steel/wood hybrid roller coaster?

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A new roller coaster is being constructed where Mean Streak once was.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Sections of construction at Cedar Point, the water park in Sandusky, seem to signal the coming of a new steel/wood hybrid roller coaster.

Rumors have been floating for months, reports News Center 7 Videographer Jarod Thrush, who visited the park this week.

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Yet, he reports, Cedar Point has only released an 18-second video on its Twitter feed that said, "They're Coming."

Who are “They” and what is coming?

During the mid-point of last season, an announcement was made that Mean Streak would be closed permanently in September, prior to the park's season closing date.

Neither officials with Cedar Point nor its parent company Cedar Fair said the ride would be demolished, just permanently closed.

Thrush said on his last visit to Cedar Point during Haunt at HalloWeekends, he noticed some of the track had been demolished but other parts of the structure remained standing.

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But questions remain, he says. “What was going to happen to Mean Streak if wasn't torn down completely?”

Thrush said when he traveled to Cedar Point to see the progress for himself, he noticed new steel track had been laid on top of the remaining and new wood supports where the wooden roller coaster track is laid.

The first downhill and uphill is now steeper and higher than Mean Streak's first two hills, he reports, noting there are twists and turns that seem higher than the supports of the new coaster.

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This is only possible because of a wood/steel hybrid design.

What is coming next: The finish of construction? The release date? The designer and the name?

Thrush said he hopes the last two questions will reveal who “they” are and exactly what is coming.

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