Adriel group home in Logan County to close

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Adriel Group Home set to close Feb. 17

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The children’s residential center at the Adriel group home in Logan County is set to close its doors next week after the group home’s board voted to shut the program down, according to the CEO of the program.

Todd Haines, CEO of the Adriel group home, said the residential section will close on Feb. 17 and they are in the process of contacting various counties in an effort to get children into other residences.

The announcement comes just days after the group home received notice of the possible revocation of the certificate to operate the children’s residential center.

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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services sent the letter after the group home was found to not be in compliance.

The letter from the state alleges several incidents caught on video in February 2016, including a staff member mixing cough medicines and soda to get "high." The video shows the staff member and three children drinking the mixture "for a 'high.'"

In the same month, video also shows a staff member crushing pills and showing the children how to make a straw from paper bills, before snorting the crushed pills with three children, according to the state's letter.

The letter also cites a child sustaining a broken wrist during restraint that wasn't treated medically until the next day, despite the child's complaints.

Jon Keeling, spokesman for Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, said in an email:

"The safety and security of the young people who live at this location are our first priority. Our inspectors take this responsibility very seriously, and as a result of their investigation a determination was made to revoke this location’s license. As is protocol, Adriel has 30 days to appeal."

Adriel had previously developed a Corrective Action Plan for re-certification that was implemented Feb. 1, 2016.


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