Fought can win 8th District primary with 1 vote

Steven Fought needs only one vote on Sept. 13 to win the Democratic primary election in the 8th Congressional District.

That’s because he’s the only candidate on the ballot. When the previous candidate dropped out of the running, Fought threw his hat into the ring on short notice.

He didn’t know at the time that his candidacy would cost taxpayers $500,000 for a one-man special election.

State law does not allow a winner to be declared without a vote. Likewise, when the previous candidate drops out long before the election, state law requires that a special primary must be held.

“I thought the important thing is people have a choice on the ballot. Unfortunately the state law is insufficient and results in extra cost and it’s not my fault,” Fought said.

Fought, 62, is a Mercer County native who recently moved to Springfield. He registered to vote in the 8th district, giving him the chance to cast a ballot for himself.

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