Greenon schools cut 9 positions; estimates nearly $600K in savings

The Greenon Local Schools Board of Education is cutting nine positionsto save nearly $600,000.

Most of the positions were already vacant, the district says.

“The positions that were voted on at the board meeting are part of an overall strategy to examine every facet of our operations to identify areas where we may be able to save money, especially when the opportunity for attrition presents itself,” said Superintendent Brad Silvus.

The district estimates a savings of about $596,000 from the cuts, in which six of the nine positions were currently vacant due to transfers, retirements or resignations, Silvus said.

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According to the district, the cuts include:

  • One kindergarten teacher, which was vacant due to enrollment numbers. The kindergarten enrollment is a little lower than last year, but that could change by the time the 2020-2021 school year starts as enrollment is still open.
  • One intervention specialist and a special education aide, which were both also vacant due to enrollment numbers. Since students are grading out of the class at Indian Valley Intermediate School there is no need for that classroom with these two positions.
  • One seventh and one eighth grade English Language Arts (ELA) position, which were both vacant. "For the past few years, Greenon Junior High students in seventh and eighth grades took a double block (two periods) of English Language Arts. After reviewing data on the impact of the double block, the district decided to eliminate the double block and the second ELA position in those grades," Silvus said. "All students will continue to receive ELA instruction for one period from the remaining ELA teachers. All seventh and eighth grade students will now take a STEM class."
  • One business/computer teacher and one part-time counselor.
  • One physical education teacher, which was a vacant position due to resignation.
  • The assistant superintendent position, which will not be filled after left vacant by Darrin Knapke's selection as the new superintendent.

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The district will also be contracting with the Clark County ESC for any additional administrative support they may need, Silvus said.

The district does not anticipate seeking a levy, and said these cuts will help offset the budget.

“These cuts offset the state budget cuts announced in May by the Governor for May and June 2020, and help the district prepare for the possibility of future state funding cuts,” Silvus said.

Gov. Mike DeWine announced the $300 million reduction in the K-12 state foundation budget in May as a result of the coronavirus.

Of that amount, Greenon’s budget was cut by $354,020, making it the sixth largest dollar amount in Clark and Champaign Counties.

The Springfield City School District lost the highest local dollar amount of $942,121, but they did not have to make any immediate changes, accoring to Springfield schools officials.

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