Clark State students can stay at Wittenberg

Wittenberg University has agreed to allow Clark State students to rent rooms in their campus residence halls, beginning this fall.

The new housing option at Wittenberg will be open to full- and part-time students, Clark State officials said. The college has no minimum GPA requirement for students applying for the program.

Student rooms are available in Wittenberg University’s Ferncliff and Firestine residence halls this semester. Clark State will collect the housing fees and make payment to Wittenberg, Clark State Vice President of Student Affairs Theresa Felder said.

“While the option is open to all students, our athletes and international students demonstrate the greatest need for housing,” Felder said. “These students are often looking for affordable and safe housing while pursuing their education at Clark State.”

The goal is to match Clark State students together in terms of grouping, Felder said. Both Clark State and Wittenberg students will share the housing units.

Clark State President Jo Alice Blondin praised the efforts of both colleges’ leadership teams in reaching the agreement.

“This partnership is another example of how Clark State and Wittenberg work together to ensure student success,” Blondin said. “Our hope is that students will see the value of this opportunity, live on the Wittenberg campus and ultimately pursue their baccalaureate degree there as well. The agreement with Wittenberg also helps our students by providing safe and high-quality housing at an affordable rate.”

Wittenberg is also excited for the new agreement, Dean of Students Casey Gill said.

“Wittenberg values our partnership with Clark State,” Gill said. “Our housing agreement is another example of how we can work together to serve our students, institutions and the community of Springfield.”

Clark State has a similar housing program with Wright State University.

“Some of our bigger numbers of students participating are students who were at Wright State and had some academic difficulties,” Felder said. “They can stay in their dorms while coming to us for a year or more and then go back to Wright State.”

Clark State could also see some under-performing Wittenberg students enter their programs as a second chance, while also staying on their home campus, Clark State Admissions Specialist Joshua Foster said.

“I anticipate we will receive some Wittenberg students who were taken out of their program due to academic performance,” Foster said.