Clark County students interview for internships, start careers

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Tyra Huxley and Caleb Deerwester talk about the Career Connect summer internship program.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Students from several school districts in Clark County sat down with local business leaders Wednesday morning to interview for summer internships.

Representatives from about 20 businesses including Yamada, Woeber Mustard, Security National Bank, IH Credit Union and others interviewed junior and senior students at the Career ConnectED Center in The Dome. The internships are designed to give students experience in the workforce along with helping them build a resume before going to college.

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“The summer will give me an advantage over my peers,” said Clark-Shawnee junior Tyra Huxley. “One of the things my teachers talk about is to make sure you look different from everyone else on paper, and I know that a lot of high school seniors don’t have an internship or very much work experience.”

Students from Springfield City Schools, Clark-Shawnee, Greenon, Springfield CTC, Global Impact STEM and Southeastern Local participated in the event at The Dome.

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Career ConnectED Internship Coordinator Sarah Lemon said the interviews are a good experience for students.

“When you see the students and the smiles on their face, it’s rewarding,” she said. “They walk in and they have nerves, and then they walk out with a smile on their face. There is a lot of work and preparation.”

Holmes Marketing Services Director of Sales Heather Leifheit said it a priority for the business to offer good opportunities for students.

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“We feel very strongly about helping kids be prepared to enter the workforce,” she said. “It helps us looking for potential job candidates in the future. It is part of giving back and investing in our community.”

Clark-Shawnee senior Caleb Deerwester said he wants to be an industrial engineer. He said getting an internship now could set him apart from other students down the road.

“My teacher said this is a great opportunity, and I thought it would be also,” he said