Clark, Champaign County educators gear up for start of school

Many Clark and Champaign County students are heading back to school this week and educators say getting off to a good start is important to having a successful year.

Creating a schedule and finding a quiet school work area in the home is something parents and students can do now before starting class this week, Springfield City School’s Simon Kenton Principal Amy Paul said.

“ Work with the child to talk about what their day is going to be like,” Paul said.

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Springfield teachers were seen recently preparing their classrooms for the school year. Getting ready for the school year is a big responsibility, Paul said, but teachers are ready to welcome students.

“The end of the year everybody is always tired,” Paul said. “But at the beginning of the new year, everybody is refreshed and relaxed. Teachers are anxious to see their class lists, especially in an elementary building. They are chomping at the bit to get back in their classrooms and set it up.”

Most Springfield City School students will begin class Wednesday, however 10th through 12th graders won’t start until Aug. 16. Kindergarten students are to report on between Aug. 21 and 22 depending on their last name.

Parents can do a number of things to help their child be successful in school, new Tecumseh superintendent Paula Crew said. But the most important thing is to get involved, she said.

“Parents should attend open-house,” Crew said.” There they will learn everything they need to know about what their student needs to be successful.”

For students, having good attendance can have an impact on grades, she said.

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“Have good attendance and have a mindset to get good attendance,” Crew said. “The greatest barrier to helping a child is that they miss a lot of schools. If they are not here we can’t teach them.”

Crew also said Tecumseh uses multiple communication methods including a Facebook page and superintendent’s blog that parents should consider utilizing so they are up-to-date on news and events.

Tecumseh students will head back to class Wednesday.

Triad Superintendent Vickie Hoffman said parents should try to read to their students every day.

“I would say always the number one suggestions is read to your children and with your children,” she said. “Parents can bring an excitement to reading that sometimes teacher’s can’t. A parent can help build that excitement for reading.

The start of a new school can be a stressful time for students who are trying to re-adapt to school and learning their new routine, Hoffman said. But it can also be enjoyable, she said.

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“Sometimes parents are more excited for the start of school, but it is an exciting time for the kids also.”

Triad students will head back to class on Aug. 22.

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