Indiana church helps wipe out $1.5M in medical debt for families

A church in Indiana, with an assist from a national nonprofit debt company, is paying off $1.5 million in debt for families in Evansville, the Courier & Press reported.

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"They (debt company) eliminate crippling medical debt for people who live at or near poverty level," Pastor Jeff Kinkade of Evansville's City Church told WFIE.

The church will pay the debt by buying it for $15,000 through RIP Medical Debt, according to the Courier & Post.

The church will not choose or discover whose debt will be paid off, the newspaper reported. But the families whose debts are covered will receive a note from the church that reads, "We may never meet, but as an act of love in the name of Jesus Christ, your debt has been forgiven."

"Our vision has always been to demonstrate the love of Christ to the city of Evansville, not just talk about it," Kinkade told the Courier & Post. "We're not a megachurch with enormous resources so we are always looking for ways that we can make the biggest impact with the resources we do have. Christ's sacrifice paid our moral debt, so sacrificing money to pay someone else's financial debt seemed quite fitting to us."

The nonprofit has erased medical debts for more than 200,000 Americans, buying debts for pennies on the dollar for families in need, WFIE reported.

“This felt like something that for us as a church once we, once we learned about this, this seemed like something that fit what we’re doing as a church, what we want to do as a church,” Kincade told the television station. “It fit the message of the Gospel. It fit our vision statement up there on the wall.”

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