Greenon school board president to retire

Greenon Local School District’s long-time board of education president will soon retire after 28 years, choosing not to seek reelection.

Dennis Henry ran for a seat on the school board in 1994, initially serving two terms totaling eight years before stepping down to run as township trustee. He then returned to the board two years later.

“I began my time in the district as a student in first grade. There wasn’t even a kindergarten system here when I started school, so (the district) is special to me. I feel that I’ve done everything I can do,” he said. “When I look around at the administrators here now, I feel comfortable leaving ... I feel confident about the administration we have at Greenon right now.”

Henry decided to run for a seat on the board after friends and families in the community asked him to do so. He was a local union president representing more than 2,000 employees.

“At first, I couldn’t imagine people wanting me to do that job. But I was versed in working with people,” he said. “I did think I could help the district. And I believe I have; it’s been very rewarding.”

His tenure included expanding the Enon Primary building and building the current K-12 Greenon campus, as well has helping to graduate more than 3,500 students.

Superintendent Darrin Knapke said Henry has “tremendously impacted” the district.

“I feel fortunate to have collaborated with him over my 13 years with the district, especially in my four years as superintendent. Mr. Henry has an engaging personality underscored by an impeccable character and will be deeply missed,” he said.

The district will hold a special ceremony during the December board meeting to celebrate Henry, whose term is ending.

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