Global Impact student represents Ohio at global institute focused on food security

A junior at Global Impact STEM Academy (GISA) was one of six students to represent Ohio at a global institute focused on food issues.

Lily Peak, also an FFA student, represented the state at the Global Youth Institute in Des Moines, Iowa, on Oct. 24-27. The event was hosted by the World Food Prize Foundation.

The institute is an academic conference focused on youth efforts to address global food security issues. The students began by researching a global challenge. Once they write their research papers and develop possible solutions to their chosen challenge, they can apply to participate in the Ohio Youth Institute at The Ohio State University.

During this event, students engage in round-table discussions with peers and experts in the field and share insights from their research. After the event, a board of reviewers evaluates the projects and provides feedback to the students. The finalists are then chose to attend the Global Youth Institute.

Peak researched Peru’s access to clean drinking water and proper wastewater disposal to enhance human hygiene and health.

Her research included the current state of clean water in Peru, and she explored potential solutions to address the situation, such as installing wells in smaller towns to reduce the distance people need to travel to get water.

She also proposed rainwater collection basins to harness the water during the wet months, sending experts to set up wastewater lines to divert used and unclean water away from freshwater sources, and implementing systems to filter and reuse water for washing, cooking and watering plants.

“This initiative not only showcases Lily Peak’s commitment to addressing global challenges but also highlights the importance of empowering young minds to contribute innovative solutions to critical issues,” said Trisha Seckel, GISA ag instructor and FFA advisor.

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