Fulton Elementary School offers free haircuts, braiding for students

‘Fresh for the Test’ program helps students ahead of state testing.

Fulton Elementary School held free haircuts and braiding for students ahead of Ohio state testing.

The school held “Fresh for the Test” with five local barbers and braiders from the Springfield and Dayton area who donated their time to give students new hairstyles.

Fulton Principal Deborah Howard is hopeful the students’ refreshed looks will spur chain reactions to “look good, feel good, test good.”

“This is a small way that we can instill confidence in our students, which is so invaluable at their age. They walked out of the gym with new hairstyles and smiles that couldn’t be ignored,” Howard said.

This is the second year that Fulton has held a free haircutting event, but the first time the school has done so ahead of state testing. Braiders were added this year to accommodate additional female students.

Students will begin the mandatory annual state testing next week.

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