Video evidence helps free Springfield man once charged with murder

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Video evidence helps free Springfield man once charged with murder

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Springfield man no longer faces murder charges after a grand jury used surveillance video to determine he was protecting his sister from an armed boyfriend.

Raekwon Hall, 20, was charged with murder in Clark County Municipal Court for shooting Antonio Moore on Sept. 16. That case was dismissed and he will not face any further charges from the incident, Clark County Prosecutor Andy Wilson said Friday.

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“The grand jury deliberated for quite some time on this case and, in the end, they decided not to return an indictment against Mr. Hall,” Wilson said. “I believe they believe he acted in defense of his sister. Defense of another.”

Wilson said witnesses outside that night saw Moore with a gun and decided to go back inside and not call the police. The sister also didn’t call the police and instead alerted her brother.

He said during a dangerous situation, law enforcement should be called.

“Because they can escalate so quickly and have tragic results, call the police and let the police come and let the police handle it,” Wilson said.

Springfield police began their investigation last month when they were called to 1932 Fred Jordan Drive for a shooting. There, they found the victim in the parking lot with multiple gunshot wounds, an affidavit says.

“Officers located witness one, who is the girlfriend of the victim, and stated the victim had a gun and had been in her apartment and was pointing it and making threats towards her and witness two,” the affidavit says.

“…She advised that she had contacted her brother, Raekwon Hall, and advised him that the victim had a gun and had been making threats to shoot the place up at which time the defendant stated he would be right there,” the affidavit says.

Wilson said there is evidence that Moore was intoxicated the night of the shooting.

Video of the shooting obtained by the Springfield News-Sun shows the events leading up to the altercation. The video shows Moore, holding an item Wilson says is a gun, standing outside his car when a vehicle — containing Hall — pulls up and parks in front of his girlfriend’s residence. It then shows Moore, still with the gun, going back to his girlfriend, Hall’s sister, and following her around the building.

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When the woman comes back into the picture, she is again being followed by Moore, still holding the firearm.

“He had a gun on him,” Wilson said of Moore. “He had been threatening Mr. Hall’s sister and when Mr. Hall got to his sister’s apartment, Mr. Moore was there with that gun out and present and there was a point where Mr. Moore took off towards Mr. Hall sister with that gun in a threatening manner and aggressive manner.”

“At that point, that’s when Mr. Hall shot Mr. Moore,” Wilson said.

Though the shooting was legally justified, Wilson said the situation is tragic.

“We’ve met with Mr. Moore’s family, and explained the process to them, and there is a hole in their heart,” Wilson said. “It’s an incredible loss to them.”

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