Coronavirus: Clark County to follow new CDC quarantine guidelines

14-day quarantine is still the preferred length, health officials say

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

The Clark County Combined Health District has announced it will follow new quarantine guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CCCHD said that there are now three options for quarantining.

The first, preferred option is the 14-day quarantine from the last-known exposure with a coronavirus-positive person.

The second option, the health district said, is a 10-day quarantine from the last-know exposure while continuing to monitor symptoms through day 14.

The final option is a 7-day quarantine if a negative coronavirus test result comes from a sample collected on day five or later after exposure, while monitoring for symptoms through day 14.

CCCHD said that although the two-week quarantine is still the preferred quarantine method, it understands that the longer quarantine may “impose personal burdens that may affect physical and mental health as well as cause economic hardship that may reduce compliance,” so one of the reduced options may better fit someone’s situation.

It added that some organizations may still require a full 14-day quarantine and the CCCHD supported that decision.

Overall, the CCCHD said that changes to shorten some quarantines places a larger emphasis on other disease prevention methods such as social distancing and wearing masks, and the district encouraged all residents to follow guidelines.

The CCCHD said anyone with questions about shorter quarantines should contact the health district at 937-390-5600.

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