Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Michael Anderson, 48, of 837 W. Pleasant St., OVI, bench warrant ordered, bond $7,500, speed, bench warrant ordered.

Michael T. Edwards, 42, of 2207 W. Main St. Apt. 124, weapons under disability, continued, PD appointed, bond $10,000, child endangering, continued, PD appointed, bond $2,500.

Shamaka S. Johnson, 30, of 2207 W. Main St. Apt. 124, child endangering, innocent, continued, PD appointed, bond $2,500.

Juan Santiago, 39, of 449 E. Euclid Ave., aggravated vehicular homicide, continued, eligible INT, bond $100,000, stop/serious harm, continued, eligible INT, bond $2,500, operating without valid operator’s license, continued, eligible INT, or bond.

Kaylee B. Lewis, 20, of 1214 Ferndale Lane, offenses/underage persons, innocent, continued, or bond.

James Mitchell Jr., 28, of 115 Catherine St., aggravated menacing, continued, no contact.

Edward J. Carder, 43, of 2504 E. High St., domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Terence Lamar Collins, 33, of 213 W. Jefferson St., OVI, dismissed, DUS, dismissed, stop sign, dismissed.

Joshua Marano, 19, of 372 S. Douglas Ave., operating without valid operator’s license, guilty, bond set at “no bond,” 100 hours C/S, fined $100.

Forest M. Money, 37, of 525 E. Grand Ave., criminal trespass, guilty, 7 days jail/CTS.

Christopher R. Osborne, 49, of South Charleston, OVI, dismissed, display of license plates, guilty, fined $25, operating without use all seatbelts, dismissed.

Joseph M. Boeke, 56, of 2641 Springfield Xenia Road, assault, bench warrant ordered.

Crystal L. Cardosi, 35, of 1817 Springmont Ave., reduced to disorderly conduct, guilty, fined $150.

Robert Dodson Jr., 36, of Columbus, obstructing official business, guilty, fined $25.

Kimberly K. Fenwick, 29, of 1018 Middle St., theft, bench warrant ordered.

Karlton Jones Jr., 30, of 825 S. Lowry, criminal damaging, dismissed - prosecutor request.