Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

James Melvin Arms, 48, of 925 East St., assault, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact.

Jacob Castle, 38, of 4811 Westmont Dr., bench warrant served-DEF jailed, guilty, bond $20,000.

Tejan K. Coran, 20, of 3148 Sandalwood Ave., obstructing official business, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Kenneth J. Wade, 43, of 2499 Berger, theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Lantz M. Lykins, 30, of Xenia, open container, dismissed.

Ann Reeves, 54, of 1551 S Fountain, OVI, continued, marked lanes, dismissed.

Kevin Schartz, 70, of 611 Shrine Road, OVI, continued, OVI, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.

Michael T. Edwards, 42, of Dayton, child endangering, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Andrey Tyrel Toles, 28, of South Charleston, theft reduced to disorderly, guilty, 10 days of jail with 10 days suspended, no further offenses/pay F and C, fined $100.

Travis Damon Casey, 57, of Dayton, domestic violence reduced to disorderly conduct, guilty, fines and costs suspended due to indigency.

Joshua R. Castle, 34, of 1313 Mound St, obstructing official business, bench warrant ordered.

Brocke S. Cook, 34, of 1719 Mound St, theft, bench warrant ordered.

Sterling Parker IV, 35, of 944 Sunset Ave. Apt. C, theft, dismissed.

Kenneth J. Shoemaker, 44, of Fairborn, theft, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Tylee D. Thompson, 23, of 1127 E John, assault, guilty, 180 days of jail, 40 days credit for time served, concurrent with any time on CP cases, fined $100.