Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Frederick Jay Almon, 41, of 1415 Mound St., obstructing official business, innocent, continued, bond $2,500.

Caitlin N. Cutlip, 29, of 1601 Villa Road, theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Ashley D. Fenwick, 39, of 625 N. Greenmount, PV filed- DEF jailed, guilty.

Edwin Emrich Lamb Edwin Jr., 26, of 832 E. Southern Ave., breaking and entering, continued, PD appointed, no contact condition of bond, bond $2,500.

Leah E. Marquez, 29, of 1351 W. Pleasant St., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, NAPT, OR bond.

Brandie R. Trollinger, 24, of 907 E. Rose St., theft, continued, OR bond.

Bryan J. Wicks, 18, of 721 E. Cecil St., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Jeremiah Harvel, 40, of 420 E. Euclid Ave., request for bail, continued, bond set at “no bond.”

Spencer Lloyd Wilson, 27, of Columbus, disregard of safety, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 30 days jail, susp on 1 year law abiding, fined $150.

Randy Brakeall III, 30, of 310 E. Pleasant, criminal damaging, dismissed, menacing, dismissed.

John Woodruff Jr., 39, of 1572 Faux Satin Drive, criminal trespass, dismissed.

Juanita Natasha Applin, 40, of 120 S. Race St., OVI reduced to physical control, guilty, 90 days of jail with 90 days suspended, jail suspended on condition no same or similar, review for no same or similar and fine/cost, fined $350, failure to control, dismissed.

Makayla L. Cunningham, 21, of 328 Chestnut St., child endangering, bench warrant ordered.

Vincent E. Henry, 40, of 401 S. Plum St., assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Jesse J. Howard, 38, criminal damaging, bench warrant ordered.

Anthony Russell Landis, 62, of Dayton, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed.

Andrew D. Melms, 49, of 325 W. Columbia St., theft, guilty, 90 days of jail, fined $100.

Nikolas Jacob Morgan, 28, of Hamilton, OVI, guilty, 45 days of jail with 42 days suspended, 3 days credit for time served, 12 months of probation, ALS remains, no same or similar for 1 year, pay in full by 12/20/23 at 8:45 a.m., fined $375.

Joshua A. Ramey, 18, of 401 S. Plum St., aggravated robbery reduced to theft, guilty, 180 days of jail with 180 days suspended, 12 months of probation, no offenses for 1 year/no illegal substances, no gang activity/must participate in a mentor program, fined $100.

Donald Sions, 43, of 502 Park Place, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.