Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Paula J. Gutierrez, 40, of 774 Woodbine Ave., child endangering, continued, PD appointed, bond $2,000.

Chelsea Lynn Kitt, 31, of 1512 Sheridan Ave., bench warrant served deft jailed, guilty, bond $1,000.

Dwayne Edward Lenoir, 39, of 230 E. Rose St., disorderly conduct, innocent, continued, PD appointed, or bond.

Tyler Alexander Scerba, 19, of 219 N. Florence St., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, bond $2,000.

Tyler Alexander Scerba, 19, of 219 N. Florence, assault, innocent, continued, bond $2,000.

Cameryn Standifer, 26, of Sunbury, request for bail, innocent, continued, bond set at “no bond,” waiver signed.

Kevin Michael Temple Sr., 38, of 1654 Warder St., DUS- operator’s license forfeiture, continued, or bond.