Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Phillip L. Bean Sr., 61, of Urbana, assault, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Derrick Brock, 33, of Lakeview, OH, request for bail, innocent, continued, bond set at “no bond.”

Bryan William Joseph, 44, of 817 Montgomery Ave., violation of TPO, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,000, receiving stolen property, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,000.

Adrian R. Chilton Jr., 30, of 605 Mead Lane, bench warrant served-deft jailed, guilty, bond $2,500, flee/elude police officer, continued, PD appointed, bond $5,000.

Aaron Kenneth Corvin, 45, of 826 E. Cecil St., theft, continued, PD appointed, bond $2,500.

Travis Ryan Fuller, 39, of 521 N. Shaffer St., warrant served, deft jailed, guilty, bond $1,500.

Amber D. Gilbert, 28, of At Large, pedestrian on roadway, guilty, guilty, assessed costs $50.

Matthew D. Goodridge, 34, of 620 East Court, theft, innocent, continued, bond $2,000.

Francisco Guajardo Jr, 45, of 337 Chestnut Ave. Apt. 221, bench warrant served-DEFT jailed, guilty.

Sylvester A. Howard, 59, of 1022 E. John St. Apt. C, operating without valid operator’s license, innocent, continued, PD appointed, OR bond.

Jamie D. Hughes, 48, of 1314 Delta Road Apt. C, bench warrant served-DEFT jailed, guilty, bond $1,000.

Victor L. Keaton, 42, of 405 Lansdowne Ave., attempt, innocent, continued, bond $1,500.

Goble J. Keeton, 31, of Dayton, guilty.

Stephen E. Lane, 65, of 318 Stanton, bench warrant served-DEFT jailed, guilty, OR bond, guilty.

Bobby Leon McCanelley, 63, of 17 W. Johnson St. #412, assault, innocent, continued, declined PD, NAPT, no contact conducive of bond, OR bond.

James H. McNeely, 56, of 1578 Westmont Dr., criminal mischief, innocent, continued, NAPT, delinquent PD.

Daniel Sloop, 41, of Xenia, possession of drugs, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Kevin James Voet, 31, of 402 S. Western Ave., domestic violence, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact conducive of bond, bond $250.