Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Juan M. Arevalos, 35, of Medway, domestic violence, continued, bond $3,000.

Victor Castellanos, 36, of 1104 W. Mulberry St., violation of TPO, innocent, continued, bond $2,500.

Craig Edward Combs, 37, of 431 Linden Ave., assault, guilty, continued, OR bond.

Arnaldo L. Martinez, 28, of Miami, Fl., felonious assault, continued, bond $10,000.

Anthony D. Sowder, 39, of Park Layne, assault, innocent, continued, DEFT now requests PD, bond $1,500.

Anthony D. Sowder, 39, of New Carlisle, violation of TPO, continued, bond $2,000.

Tylee D. Thompson, 23, of 1127 E John, assault, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact, OR bond.