Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Russell Ray Fenwick, 41, of 225 N. Greenmount Ave., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, bond $1,500, operating without valid operator’s license, innocent, continued, bond $2,500, failure to control, innocent, continued, hit and run-unattended, innocent, continued, falsification, innocent, continued, PD appointed, OR bond.

Dawn A. Gilbert, 56, of 955 Avondale Ave., theft, innocent, continued, deft to report to probation within 5 days of, release for d/a assessment, bond $1,500.

Thomas M. Grooms, 36, assault, innocent, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,500.

Vanessa Ann Lopez, 34, of 310 E. Pleasant St., theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Seth M. Parsley, 44, of 1312 Delta Road Apt. B, public indecency, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Zachary Spencer P, 31, of Fairborn, PD appointed, guilty.

Tyler S. Tingley, 31, of 751 Sherman Ave., violation of TPO, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact conducive of bond, OR bond.

Wesley Matthew Bush, 46, of 256 Ridge Road, OVI, bench warrant ordered, driving w/out lights, bench warrant ordered.

Matthew C. Grim, 28, of Urbana, domestic violence, bench warrant ordered, assault, bench warrant ordered.

Mauricio Lopez, 55, of 2648 Hilltop, OVI, continued, OVI/breath, dismissed, speed, dismissed, seat belt, dismissed.

Bradley Davis, 23, of Enon, assault, bench warrant ordered.

Jayvon Lamar Hutchins, 32, of 1538 W. Clark St., OVI, bench warrant ordered, OVI/breath, bench warrant ordered, DUS, bench warrant ordered, failure to drive on right, bench warrant ordered.