Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Derek L. Frederick, 28, of 1100 E. Main St., bench warrant served defendant jailed, guilty, bond $2,500.

Derek L. Frederick, 28, criminal trespass, guilty, guilty, 7 days of jail, credit for time served, fine and costs due by 12/6/2022 @ 8:45 a.m., assessed costs $50.

Ryan K. Leach, 40, of 2339 Hillside Ave., receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Chynese J. Lumford, 37, of 2956 Vester, Apt. D, OVI, bench warrant ordered, bond $750, OVI/breath, bench warrant ordered, drive without valid license, bench warrant ordered, failure to drive on right, bench warrant ordered.

Justin W. Mathers, 33, criminal trespass, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,500.

John W. Mckelvy, 67, of 2365 W. First St., aggravated menacing, guilty, guilty, assessed costs $50, weapons while intoxicated, guilty, 90 days of jail, 12 months of probation, maybe assessed for early release for in-patient, treatment, suspend balance, fines costs and supervision fees due by end of probation, assessed costs $50.

Krystal N. Mckinster, 36, of 48 Cherry Drive, assault, innocent, continued, OR bond.

Brooke E. Mefford, 29, of 23 N. Douglas Ave., receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, PD appointed, receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Donald E. Ramsey, 61, of 220 Montgomery Ave. 339, criminal trespass, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Nickie N. Ault, 40, of Urbana, OH, OVI-marijuana/metabolite, bench warrant ordered.

Joseph C. Caudill, 31, of 1949 Wilkes Drive, Apt. C, OVI, bench warrant ordered.

Khristopher L. Smith, 45, of Columbus, OH, OVI, bench warrant ordered, DUS, dismissed, speed, dismissed.

Jonathan D. Stover, 35, of Brookville, OH, vehicular homicide, dismissed, vehicular manslaughter, continued, traffic signal, guilty, fined $150, unsafe vehicle, dismissed.

Joe Aguilar, 45, of Urbana, OH, assault, continued, PD appointed.

Randi L. Jackowski, 38, of Huber Heights, OH, receiving stolen property, dismissed, attempt, dismissed.

Zachary A. James, 22, of 721 Cypress St., DUI, dismissed, drive without valid license, dismissed, tail lights, guilty, fined $25.

Terrance D. King, 37, of 734 E. Columbia St., child endangering, dismissed.

Terrance D. King, 37, of 734 E. Columbia St., OVI, dismissed.

Terrance D. King, 37, of 1409 Lexington Ave., OVI/marijuana, continued, refer to 3 day program.

Ronnie Spitler, 35, of 637 S. Arlington Road, theft, bench warrant ordered.