Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Tamar D. Echols, 19, of 1761 York St., domestic violence, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact condition of bond, OR bond.

Daniel C. Miller, 51, of 1275 S. Plum, Apt. 217, theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Paige C. Palmer, 28, of West Jefferson, OH, PV admitted/180 days CTS imposed, guilty.

Paige C. Palmer, 28, PV admitted/180 days CTS imposed, guilty.

Christopher O. Peterson, 30, of 924 S. Wittenberg Ave., abduction, dismissed - indicted, disrupting public service, dismissed - indicted.

Jaronte D. Tillman, 30, of 244 W. Johnny Lytle Ave., assault, innocent, continued, bond $2,500, criminal trespass, innocent, continued, PD appointed, OR bond.

Traquan D. L. Brown, 27, of Vandalia, OH, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, continued, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed.

Diana L. Adkins, 54, of 220 Montgomery Ave. #331, obstructing official business, continued, PD appointed.

Jeremy L. Cooper, 34, of 837 Southfield, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Leroy C. Dearmond, 18, of 314 E. Rose St., aggravated menacing, bench warrant ordered.

Seth M. Parsley, 45, of 18 Lagonda Ave., burglary, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Candace M. Pyles, 36, of 131 E. Southern Ave., theft, continued, PD appointed.

Audrey L. Ratliff, 37, of 1840 E. Main St., theft, bench warrant ordered.

Cody S. Havens, 34, of 1875 S. Belmont Ave., violation of TPO, dismissed - indicted.

Brianna D. Parish, 45, of 643 Feese Place, possession of criminal tools, bench warrant ordered, theft, bench warrant ordered.

Chyna L. Wilson, 24, of 1901 Michigan Ave., theft, continued, possession of criminal tools, continued, theft, dismissed.