Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Sterling H. Bailey, 45, of P.O. Box 61, violation of TPO, continued, OR bond.

Aaron Cooper, 37, of 1531 Woodward Ave., request for bail, innocent, continued, bond set at “no bond”.

Gary L. Deyo, 31, of 732 W. Jefferson St., criminal damaging, no contest, dismissed.

Amanda L. Fournier, 34, of Piqua, OH, drug paraphernalia offense, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,500.

Amanda L. Fournier, 34, of Piqua, OH, OVI, bench warrant ordered, bond $2,500.

John A. Glenn, 51, of New Carlisle, OH, felonious assault, continued, PD appointed, no contact condition of bond, bond $15,000.

Darryl L. Moore Jr., 46, menacing, guilty, continued, PSI ordered, bond set at “no bond” pending PSI.

Aaron M. Street, 34, of 1048 Seacove Circle, assault, innocent, continued, NAPT, OR bond.

Justin M. Woodard, 39, of 2999 E. High St., aggravated burglary, innocent, continued, refused eligible defendant, no contact condition of bond, bond $20,000.

Cristal Leon, 36, of 809 S. Center St., corrupting with drugs, dismissed.

Craig A. Portman, 66, of 1104 Russell Ave., felonious assault/weapon, dismissed - indicted, abduction, dismissed - indicted, domestic violence, dismissed - indicted.

Diori Ramey, 48, of 836 E. John St., Apt. D, weapons under disability, dismissed - indicted, carrying concealed weapon, dismissed - indicted.

Jeffrey R. Sharpe, 44, of 18 N. Jackson, domestic violence, dismissed.

Randy T. Brakeall III, 30, of 310 E. Pleasant St., assault, bench warrant ordered.

Jessica M. Caudill, 36, of 1402 Cedarview Drive W., OVI reduced to physical control, guilty, 120 days of jail with 117 days suspended, 120 days jail, 117 susp, 3 days CTS for dip, pay fines and costs by 5/15/23, no like offenses, fined $250.

Brian D. Deyo, 35, of 241 S. Yellow Springs St. #22, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Jason A. Fitzgerald, 40, of 421 E. Southern, criminal trespass, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Levi W. Grapes, 24, of 2351 Kingswood Drive West, child endangering, continued, obstructing official business, dismissed, resisting arrest, dismissed.

Deborah Guyer, 47, of 1428 Possum Road, falsification reduced to disorderly, guilty, fined $150.

Jonathan J. Piersoll, 43, of 248 Raffensperger, OVI, dismissed - indicted, OVI/breath, dismissed - indicted.

Ryan M. Roush, 27, of Tipp City, OH, OVI, continued, OVI/breath, dismissed, DUS, dismissed, driving without lights, dismissed.

John M. Wills, 46, of 1205 W. High St., OVI reduced to physical control, guilty, 160 days of jail, 12 months of probation, 160 days jail, 3 days CTS for dip, 1 year probation, defendant required to complete drug/alochol and chemical dependency assessment, ALS remains, fined $500.

Shane L. Younker, 33, of Greenville, OH, obstructing official business, guilty, 60 days of jail with 60 days suspended, 12 months of probation, comply with rules of probation, obtain drug/alcohol assessment, and complete any treatment recommended by provider and PO, fined $100.

Julian Craig, 20, of 1946 Primm Drive, Apt. J, aggravated menacing reduced to disorderly conduct, guilty, 30 days of jail with 29 days suspended, 1 days credit for time served, 12 months of probation, must comply with his mental health treatment as condition of probation, fines/costs suspended due to indigency, get diploma, probation fees to be paid to probation.

Dominick J. Larue, 0, of Powell, OH, offenses/underage persons, dismissed, 6 months of probation, pretrial diversion.

Michael A. Manasse, 40, of Columbus, OH, violation of TPO, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Robert F. Walters, 49, of 315 S Burnett Rd #418, tamper with evidence, dismissed - indicted, theft, dismissed - indicted.