Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Steven E. Cook, 38, of 1415 Mound St., possession of drugs, innocent, continued, or bond.

Christopher Bruce Heid, 49, of 401 Prince Of Wales, assault, bench warrant ordered, bond $2,000.

Shaun W. Ladig, 41, theft, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.

Dominick M. Moore, 29, of At Large, aggravated menacing, innocent, continued, eligible INT.

Christopher, Ward 24, of 1170 Gonder St., drug para-marijuana, bench warrant ordered, bond $500, possession of drugs, bench warrant ordered, bond $500.

Mark Anthony Baxter, 26, of 1370 Warder St., OVI/breath, dismissed, DUS, dismissed, failure to control, dismissed.

Michael S. Humphrey, 54, of 3001 Middle Urbana #240, theft, bench warrant ordered.

Jermaine Anthony Peterson, 36, of 2088 S. Center Blvd., violation of TPO, dismissed.

Sabrina D. Kincer, 24, of Hamilton, request for bail, dismissed.

Silas J. W. D. Wright, 18, of 311 W. Auburn Ave., discharge of firearms, continued, PD appointed, carrying concealed weapon, continued, firearms in motor vehicle, continued, weapons while intoxicated, continued, PD appointed.

Devonn C. Brye, 22, of 1022 Sherman Ave., burglary, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Mindy M. Cunningham, 30, of P.O. Box 397, OVI, guilty, 30 days of jail with 18 days suspended, 12 months of probation, 12 months of driver’s license suspension, 30 days jail, 12 CTS, 18 suspension, one year probation, chemical dependency assessment and treatment, mental health evaluation and follow up, D/A program, fined $375.

Jason B. Frock, 38, of 304 E. Mccreight Ave., aggravated burglary, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Shaylunn Jerome Lee, 30, of 1030 Broadway St., receiving stolen property reduced to disorderly conduct, guilty, fined $250.

Dalton M. Shipley, 29, of London, wildlife violation, dismissed, wildlife violation, guilty, restitution.

Lowell Adam Short, 41, of 113 N. Florence, domestic violence, dismissed - indicted, violation of TPO, dismissed - indicted, disrupting pub. service, dismissed - indicted.

Alexis L. Stevens, 26, of 203 White Cliffs Ct., burglary, dismissed.