Clark County health district: 74K people vaccinated, less than 50% of county population

A Springfield Fire and Rescue EMS employee volunteers at a Clark County Combined Health District COVID-19 vaccine clinic earlier this year. Contributed
A Springfield Fire and Rescue EMS employee volunteers at a Clark County Combined Health District COVID-19 vaccine clinic earlier this year. Contributed

Incentives for those Medicaid eligible that get vaccinated at Juneteenth celebration

The Clark County Combined Health District Commissioner said they have vaccinated 74,000 people since Dec. 22, but they have still not reached 50% of the county’s total population.

“We’ve given 74,000 vaccinations in that time period and we’re certainly willing to continue to give vaccinations if people want it, they can come in and get it,” Health Commissioner Charles Patterson said. “Only half of our population total have been vaccinated and we still have a pool of people out there who could get COVID.”

Patterson said with there being two more deaths this week and people still hospitalized, they continue working to prevent COVID-19 with weekly vaccination clinics. He said there are over 30 clinics scheduled for next week.

“Of the eligible persons in Clark County, the percentage of those people that have had one dose is 49.9%, so we’re getting close to half. Unfortunately, we’re not going to meet the president’s goal of 70% of our population vaccinated by July 4, it’s not going to happen in Clark County, but we’re pushing this forward to get that 50%,” he said.

There are also opportunities for people to get vaccinated, Patterson said, including a “pretty exceptional” one for today that he feels can help the health district. CareSource and Ohio Medicaid are sponsoring some incentives at the Juneteenth celebration for those who get vaccinated at the event.

“If you know someone or you happen to be Medicaid eligible, only at the Juneteenth celebration, CareSource and Ohio Medicaid is sponsoring some incentives for people to get the vaccine,” he said.

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The incentives include a $50 Walmart gift card, and everyone who gets vaccinated there will be entered into a drawing to get a free month’s worth of rent and utilities. People who are not Medicaid eligible but still get the vaccine at the event, could get gift cards from Lee’s Famous Recipe or Speedway, and will also be entered to win a door prize.

Michele Hemphill, Marketing Director for the Villa Springfield Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, was Patterson’s guest at this week’s coronavirus update, saying she thinks the incentives are the companies’ way to give back and motivate people to get involved.

“I think it’s partly to keep our community safe... and I think the other reasons would be to let them know it’s safe to have it done,” Hemphill said.

Patterson agreed, saying he feels the companies want the community to be safer and help get back to normal, which he said relates to something the health department has been talking about.

Patterson went on to ask the community for their feedback on if they are interested in the health district continuing their weekly updates.

“One thing we’ve been talking about at the health district is for us to consider continuing our Facebook lives into the future, not just to talk about COVID, but to talk about other public health concerns in our community,” he said. “We’d love to hear your feedback on if that’s something that you’re interested in.”

Patterson said if you want to give feedback on the weekly updates to email the CCCHD at

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Clark County had 14,235 cases and 306 deaths of the coronavirus as of Friday afternoon, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

As of Friday,57,154 vaccination shots had been given in Clark County, according to ODH. Over 42% of the county’s total population has received at least one shot. Over 39% has been fully vaccinated.

Facts & Figures

14,235: Number of coronavirus cases as of Friday in Clark County

306: Number of coronavirus deaths as of Friday in Clark County

57,154: Number of vaccination shots given in Clark County

39: Percentage of Clark County residents who have been fully vaccinated