Clark County GOP sweep sheriff, clerk of courts, treasurer, commission races

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Clark County Republicans swept countywide races Election Night in unofficial early returns for sheriff, clerk of courts, treasurer and a Board of Clark County Commission seat.

These results are expected to change as more ballots are counted through Nov. 18. We will continue to update these results as more ballots are counted.


Incumbent Republican Deborah Burchett pulled ahead early against Democrat Russell Garman in the race for Clark County sheriff.

According to the Clark County Board of Elections, Burchett led with 64.42% of the vote, while Garman had 35.58%.

“With the virus and not being able to campaign, it’s been stressful. I appreciate all the citizens in the community voting me back as your sheriff," Burchett said.

Burchett was elected sheriff in 2016 after defeating 30-year incumbent Democrat Gene Kelly. With her election, she became the first female sheriff in county history and only the third female sheriff in the state of Ohio.

Garman defeated Mike Varner, his party challenger, in the primary election. Burchett had no challenger in the election.

Garman said he called Burchett on Tuesday night to concede the race and “wish her good luck.”

“The voters have spoken and I respect that,” Garman said. “I’m really honored at all the help I had on the campaign both monetary and people helping by putting out signs.”

Clerk of Courts:

Incumbent Melissa Tuttle fended off Democratic challenger Sheila Rice the race for Clark County clerk of courts.

According to the Clark County Board of Elections, Tuttle led with 59.85% of the vote, while Rice had 40.15%.

Tuttle, a Republican, was elected clerk in 2016 after defeating longtime clerk Rob Vincent, who served for nearly four decades.

Rice conceded to Tuttle late Tuesday night.

“I accept the voters and I’m humbled by the opportunity to run,” Rice said.


Republican Pam Littlejohn led incumbent Michelle Harris in the race for Clark County treasurer.

According to the Clark County Board of Elections, Littlejohn led with 60.72% of the vote, while Rice had 39.28%.

Harris, a Democrat, was appointed as Clark County treasurer in June after her predecessor Stephen Metzger retired from that position after being in office for over 30 years.

Before that, Harris had served as the county’s deputy treasurer for 18 years.

Board of Clark County Commissioners seat:

A Clark County commissioner led the general election race with over half of the votes as of Tuesday night, according to early results from the Clark County Board of Elections.

Republican incumbent Commissioner Lowell McGlothin led with about 60%, while former commissioner Democrat David Hartley follows with about 30%, according to the early results.

McGlothin has 35,528, or 60.50%, of votes and Hartley has 23,197, or 39.50%, of votes as of 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, according to early results.

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