Clark County Fair Results

The following participants received first place or higher.

Baked Goods

Bread, favorite, any flavor: Cindy Beam; Bread, other; Alice Gosdley; Any sweet rolls, best of show: Esther Houseman; Coffee cake using yeast, Macie Flora; Banana quick bread, Rita Kohl; Pumpkin quick bread: Rofin Winkhart; Zucchini quick bread: Ellen Strome; Coffee cake favorite: Lisa Booze; Muffins favorite: Carol Eubanks; Scones any: Jill Pierce; Gingerbread, best of show: Alice Godsey; Cake, favorite frosted: Elissa Hensley; Cake, favorite, other: Melanie Huffstetler; Cake, variation: Sarah Tackett; Cake, cupcakes scratch: Allison Howard; Cupcakes, scratch filled, best of show: Kara Francis; Cake pops: Boniita Rothmel;; Cherry pie, best of show: Mary Anne Wells; Apple pie: Mary Severs; Peach pie: Robert Ferryman; Pecan pie:, Alice Godsey; Pumpkin pie: Robert Ferryman; Any cream: Elissa Hensley; Pies, any favorite: Emily Lane; Decorate cake with fondant: Melanie Huffstetler; Peanut butter cookies: Lara Francis; Favorite frost, best of show: Esther Houseman.

Open class-Pee Wee Hog Showmanship

6-8 years old: Gracy Ferguson, Eli Keplinger; 6-8 years old, Grace Scott, Drew Weymouth; 6-8 years old, Kelsey Vollrath, Mia Nelson; 6-8 years old: Tucker Nave, Kason Spears; Overall PeeWee showmanship winner; Kelsey Vollrath.

Adult hog showmanship

Over champion: Kristy Vollrath; Reserve champion, Sarah Parker.

Ribs Cook Off

Kara Francis.


Tinware: Gavin E. Green; Decorated white China: James M. Bryan; Blue China: James M. Bryan; Tea or coffee pot: James M. Bryan; China pitcher: James M. Bryan; Stoneware; James M. Bryan; Stoneware canning jar: Gavin E. Green; Sampler/small needlework: David Ward: Small sewing device:, Mrs. Audrey C. Shaw.


HP/HQ bed quilt, best of show: Irene Overholser; MP/HQ bed quilt: Judy Elliott; MP/HQ wall hanging: Judy Elliott; MP/HQ any item: Dorothy Harvey; MP/MQ bed quilt: Judy Elliott; MP/MQ wall hanging: Judy Elliott; Two party quilt: Mary Ellen Martin; Single pierced block: Mary Ellen Martin; Multi technique bed: Mary K. Severs; Multi technique wall, best of show:, Judy Elliott; Other not mention, clothing: Ellen Strome: Other not mention, pillows, totes: Irene Overholser; Other not mention, any other item: Mary Ellen Martin; Other not mention, any holiday: Judy Elliott.

4-H and FFA rabbit show

Overall best in show: Lydia Vlcek; Champion overall meat pen: Lindsay Fries; Reserve champion overall meat pen: Lydia Vlcek; Champion overall fryer: Kole Vollrath; Reserve champion overall fryer: Kara Pearl.

4-H and FFA Rabbit Show

California, best of breed: Stephanie Whetstone; Best opposite: Stephanie Whetstone; Holland lop, best of breed, Emma Speary; Mini Rex, best of breed: Lyndsay Gibbs; Best opposite: Lindsay Fries: Best 4 class: Lyndsay Gibbs; Best 6 class: Stephanie Whetstone; FFA, best of show: Lyndsay.

Homegrown Market Lamb Show

100-116 pounds: Madison Waddle; 117-126 pounds Mackenzie Waddle; 128-138 pounds: Paige Pence; Grand champion: Paige Pence; Reserve grand champion: Mackenzie Waddle.

Open Class Market Lamb Show

87-105 pounds: Jereme Best; 107-111 pounds: Luke Spracklen; 112-114 pounds: Taylor Burson; 115-117 pounds: Colleen Smith; 119-123 pounds: Paige Pence; 124-126 pounds: Paige Pence; 127-129 pounds: Ethan Spracklen; 130-133 pounds: Audrey Woodworth; 134-136 pounds: Colleen Smith; 137-147 pounds: Jessie Woodworth; Grand champion: Audrey Woodworth; Reserve grand champion: Paige Pence.

Amateur Wine

Sweet red grape: Kathryn Fowler; Sweet white grape: Benjamin Hirt; Dry rose’ grape: Tony Gravenkemper; Sweet fruit: Phil Anders; Best of show: Phil Anders.


General, hand painted freehand: James Bryan; General special tech, adult, best overall: Jodi Henry; General special tech, best of show: Jodi Henry; General special tech, Jodi Henry; General, decal: Cathy Nixon; Newcomers, glazed: James Bryan; , StamsXmas, best of show: Cathy Nixon; Stams, Xmas: Cathy Nixon; Dry brushing, animals: Cathy Nixon; Dry brushing, miscellaneous, best of show: Rebecca Kapp; Dry brushing, miscellaneous: Rebecca Kapp; Underglazes, miscellaneous, best of show: Rebecca Kapp; Drybrushing, miscellaneous: Rebecca Kapp: Underglaze, miscellaneous: Erin Sutter; glazes any holiday, best of show: James Bryan; Senior citzens, stam, best of show: Betty Kapp; Senior citizen, stam, Betty Kapp: Senior citizen, glazed; James Bryan; Senior citizen, miscellaneous, kids best overall, Kayla Levesque; Elementary, glazed best of show: Kayla Levesque; Middle school, stam, vest of show, Megan Davis; Middle school, stam, best of show: Jenna Davis; High School stam: Jenna Davis.

4-H and FFA Rabbit Show

Beginner showmanship: Elisabeth Bellew, Megan Caldwell, Shelby Stoops, Hailey Buesh, Lauren Grove; Junior showmanship: Katelynn Cook, Taylor Krempasky, Ariyah Lewis, Reagan Speas, Allison Raber; Intermediate showmanship: Hannah Wildman, Korynne Berner, Chelsea Shafer, Abbey Kidd, Joel Rodgers; Senior showmanship: Jamie Summers, Ashley Young, Kara Pearl, Lindsay Fries, Megan Smith; Best pet rabbit, Karley Jenkins; Pet rabbit, buck: Karley Jenkins, Tyler Ackley, Vicki Cummins, Ariyah Lewis, Reagan Simpson; Pet rabbit, doe: Kylie Elkins, Trinity Hubbard, Elisha Perry, Emma Moore, Logan Bell; Californian: best of breed and best opposite, Lydia Vlcek; Checkered giant, best of breed and best opposite: Cody Frey; Dutch, best of breed and best opposte Timmy Jones; Dwarf Hotot, best of breed, Lindsey Whitley; English lop, best of breed and best opposite Shelby Stoopers; Flemish giant, best of breed and best opposite: Jolynn Stoops: French Angora, best of breed; Carolyn Thompson; French Lop, best of breed and best opposite, Cody Crites; Holland Lop, best of breed, Jamie Summers; best opposite, Olivia Desantis; Jersey Wooly, best of breed: Tyler Johnson; best opposite, Missy Ball; Lilac, best of breed: Brooke Finnell; Lionhead, best of breed: Travis Wilder; Mini lop, best of breed: Katie Sprowl; best opposite, Taylor Grieshop; Mini Rex, best of breed; Katie Sprowl; best opposite, Cheyenne Cook; Mini Satin, best of breed and best opposite, Maverick Crites; Netherland Dward, best of breed and best opposite, Abby Kidd; New Zealand, best of breed: Ashley Gullett; best opposite, Kassidi Payton; Rex, best of breed; Lilliana Tisdale; Silver Fox, best of breed and best opposite, Lindsey Brinegar; Silver Marten, best of breed: Cameron Walder; Thianta: best of breed and best opposite, Sierra Belford; Lionhead, best opposite: Allison Raber; Best 4 class, Corey Bradley; Best 6 class and best in show, Lydia Vlcek; Fancy litter: Olivia Kracus, Hannah Wildman, Jamie Summers, Morgan Murry, Lilley Jones; Single fryer, Kole Vollrath, Kara Pearl; Meat Pen: Lydia Vlcek, Brice Fries, Taylor Roof, Timmy Jones, Ashley Young; Meat Pen, lite weight: Andrew Berkshire.

Photo Show

Black and white: animals: Hana Woodson; Blakc and white: people: Sheri Morris: black and white: scenery; Darby L. Barker; Black and white: open; Michelle Porr; Color prints: animals: Wendy F. St. Peter; Color prints: people: Gene U. Harvey; Color prints: scenery: Ellen K.M. Rice; Small format color: open: Becky Daniels; Fair theme: animals: Crystal Sprowl; Fair theme: portraits: Jordan Daniels; Fair theme: landscapes: Michelle Porr; Fair theme: open: Megan Gosnell; Color prints: open, best of show: Darby L. Barker; Color prints: animals, best of show: Wendy F. St. Peter; Black and white open: best of show: Michelle Porr; Color prints: scenery, best of show: Ellen K. Strome; Color prints: people, best of show: Gene U. Harvey.

Open Class Swine Shows

Class 1

162 and 170 pounds: Robert Rousculp; 177 pounds: Chloe Waugh; 179 pounds: Harley Griffin; 180 pounds: Isabella Shivler; 188 pounds: Justin Legge and Kaylie Shivler.

Class 2

205 pounds: Joshua Kelly; 206 pounds: Greg Flax; 208 pounds: Tyler Legge-Bobo, Jeff Shawhan, Drew Weymouth; 209 pounds: Cassidy Piatt, C.J. Wilt; 210 pounds: Karleigh Cookie, Sarah Moeller; 211 pounds: Tyler Brewer and Stacy Ervin.

Class 3

215 pounds: Barclay Farms (3), Sara Britton, Cody Clark, Jayden DeHaven, Samantha Lindner, Kayla McIntire, Kim Nave, Cheri Robbins, Katie Waddle, Shawn Yaktin.

Class 4

218 pounds: Berkelee Alexander; 219 pounds: Aaron Hensel, Vollrath Family; 220 pounds: Doug King; 221 pounds: Garrett Fosnaugh, Carrie Henry, Jared Panstingel, Lara and Lexi Rittenhouse; 222 pounds: Gunner Gearhart, Aaron Hensel, Sarah Hupp, Kody Keehner.

Class 5

223 pounds: Russell Ankeney, Austin Golden, Brayden Harral, Gabrielle McNier, William Tuttle; 224 pounds: Eli Goodbar, Johsua Kelly; 225 pounds: Taylor Workman; 226 pounds: Samantha Lindner, Elijah Robbins, Jeff Shawhan; 227 pounds: Cole DeHaven.

Class 6

228 pounds: Peyton Bumgardner, Karleigh Cookie, Ty Hirtzinger, Doug King; 230 pounds: Jeff Shawhan; 231 pounds: Garrett Agle, Emma Baker, Elise Shepherd; 232 pounds: Aubrey Anderson, Ty Wall; 233 Lane Flax, Skye Lewis.

Class 7

234 pounds: Seth Agle, Mady Waddle; 235 pounds: Kylie Corbitt; 236 pounds: Russell Ankeney, Greg Flax, Rick Hartman, Joanna Mefford, Sarah Waddle, Shawn Yaktin; 237 Jaye Lin Call, Aldan Harbage, Justin Legge, Kenzie Spears, Grace Tuttle.

Class 8

238 pounds: Peyton Bumgardner, Saige Lewis, Braylon Parker, Madison Grimm; 239 pounds: Thomas Maxson, Jacob Shaw; 240 pounds: Gracey Ferguson, Reese Flax, Aaron Hensel, Tyler Legge-Bobo, Ed Rhoads, Lidia White.

Class 9

241 pounds: Barclay Farm, Caleb Obee; 242 pounds: Barclay Farms, Aaron Hensel, Anthony Hopper Jr., Samantha Lindner, Jessica McHenry, Ayden Robinson, Lana Wilson: 243 pounds: Mitchell Harral, Joanna Mefford, Zoe Tuttle.

Class 10

244 pounds: Jeff Hamm, Breanna Robinette, Riley Yoder; 245 pounds: Kaden Bereczky, Carson Daulton, Brody Grimm, Reagan Yoder; 246 pounds: Grant Baker, Lara and Lexi Rittenhouse, Austin Spears.

Class 11

247 pounds: Sophia Wilson; 248 pounds: Erwin Family, Samantha Lindner (2), Drew Weymounth; 249 pounds: Gunner Leonard, Aaliya Lewis; 250 Jordan Flax, Riley Niggemeyer, Chelsea Sweeney, Ava Vallery.

Class 12

251 pounds: Ed Rhoads; 252 pounds: Brayden Grimm; 253 pounds: Jessica McHenry, Ellie Robinette, Bart Cason; 254 pounds: Ryan Corbitt, Erwin Family, Doug King; 255 pounds: Greg Flax; 256 pounds: Jeff Hamm, Lara and Lexi Rittenhouse.

Class 13

257 pounds: Kason Spears; 258 pounds: Kendall Bishop, Tiffani Kaffenbarger, Samantha Lindner, Emily Waddle; 259 pounds: Brooke Anderson, John Bond, Amelia Eberhard; 260 pounds: Garrett Agle, Taylor.

Class 14

261 pounds: Dennis Henry, Cade Houseman, Kelton Kehner, Matt Pitstick; 262 pounds: Aldan Harbage, Dylan Moore; 265 pounds: Colton Price, Alexandra Tuttle (2), Austin Yoder.

Class 15

267 pounds: Mitchell Anderson: 268 pounds: Hayden Epper, Joshua KIelly; 269 pounds: Emily Blsessing; 270 pounds: Blake Ballard; 271 pounds: Chase Call, Bryce Hillard, Kali Horner; 272 pounds Samsantha Lindner.

Class 16

273 pounds: Cole Wilson, Shawn Yaktin; 274 ounds: Trey Cooper, Collin O’Connor; 275 pounds: Ian Truebenbach; 276 pounds: Kendall Bishop, Mia Nelson; 278 pounds: Samantha Lindner; 279 pounds: Mya Jo Kelley.

Class 17

280 pounds: Brock Bowen; 281 pounds; Jamie Blessing, Tiffani Kaffenbarger, Allen Price, Zoey Workman; 282 pounds: Brock Bishop, Bob Spracklen; 284 pounds: Jeff Hamm, Sarah Hupp; 285 ounds: Garrett Agle.

Class 18

286 pounds: Jordan Flax; 288 pounds: Emma Hillard; 290 pounds: Nathan Corbitt, Mckenna Eppers; 291 pounds: Jessica McHenry; 292 pounds: Dylan Moore, Jeff Shawhan; 293 pounds: Emma Henry; 294 pounds and 296 pounds: Ian Truebenbach.

Class 19

335 pounds: Kody Keehner.

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