Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0559: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Jamie Fultz, Jamie Jenkins, action for money.

22CV0560: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Christy Wills, action for money.

22CV0561: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Abraham Blackburn, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Joseph Hrovatic, 54, of Enon, supervisor and Christa Horn, 53, of Enon, unemployed.

Michael Green, 24, of New Carlisle, engineer and Lauren Rhodes, 23, of New Carlisle, registered nurse.

Property transfers:

James and Phyllis Walter to James Walter, 180 Countryside Drive, Enon; none.

Nancy E. Thibeault to Nancy E. Thibeault, trustee, 1006 Meadowlark Drive, Enon; none.

Fred R. and Veronica H. Frost to Veronica H. Frost, 440 S. Xenia St., Enon; none.

Jeffrey C. and Vicki L. Berg to Vicki L. Berg, 5901 Morris Road, Springfield; none.

Raymond Rhodes Jr. to Raymond and Stephanie M. Rhodes, 2246 E. Home Road, Springfield; none.

Jerry D. and Judith J. Lewis to Judith J. Lewis, 3918 Harris Lane, Springfield; none.

James M. Van Dyke to Charlene Combs, 3390 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; $170,000.

Baylor Deselem to Tamara and Thomas Wallace, 3449 Bosart Road, Springfield; $425,000.

Ladonna K. and Norman R. Lowe to Tonyia Parker, 4038 Ryland Drive, Springfield; $101,500.

Gerhard J. and Beda M. Hinderer to Gerhard J. Hinderer, 4841 Chippendale Drive, Springfield; none.

Thomas Coontz to ET Springfield Property LLC, 4719 Bosart Road, Springfield; $144,000.