Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

21CV0148: Wells Fargo Bank NA successor by merger to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA as trustee in trust for registered Holders of First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2003-FF1 Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2003-FF1 v. Melissa Arthur, Patrick Berkshire, Clark County Treasurer, Discover Bank, Matrix Acquisitions LLC, Unknown Spouse of Melissa Arthur, Unknown Spouse of Patrick Berkshire, foreclosure.

21CV0149: The General Insurance v. Madison Brown, personal injury.

21CV0150: Zach Cooper III v. John Does 1-10, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Marc Terrell, complaint for damages.

21CV0151: Breanna Downs v. Terry Callicoat, Brandi Salyers, Carl Straley, Deborah Straley, other civil.

All filings are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Erin Duke, 37, of Springfield, materials manager and Michael Knapp, 54, of Springfield, production manager.

Phillip Madwell, 29, of Springfield, production and Jamie Stacy, 40, of Springfield, none.

Julie Grubbs, 43, of Enon, marketing and Richard Perron, 48, of Enon, graphic design.

Christopher Hayes, 48, of Springfield, double backer and Michelle Livingston, 48. of Cedarville, STNA.

Julia Doolin, 18, of Springfield, none and Zane Frey, 20, of Springfield, tree work.

Cody Cooper, 22, of Springfield, firefighter and Desarie Oppy, 23, of Springfield, RN.

Dustin Snyder, 29, of Springfield, pilot and Cady McBeth, 26, of Springfield, classroom aide.

Brittany Hobbs, 30, of Springfield, account manager and Clayton Hobbs, 29, of Springfield, fabrication.

Property transfers:

Ronald Flannery Trustee to Christina A. Collins Trustee, 2971 Sun Valley Dr., Springfield; no fee

Mary Jane Barch Trustee to Terrence W. and Judith S. Fredrich, 601 Stevison Dr., Springfield; $135,000

Pamela K. Riano to Beverly A. Guenther, 3031 Armsgate Road, Springfield; $136,000

Margaret A. Spichty to Troy Sullivan, 804 Linmuth Ct., S., Springfield; $179,000

Jean Emily Sallot to Catherine O. Stewart, 2630 Cavins Dr., Springfield; $159,900

Nancy A. Pyles to Bryant Hodge, 335 Villa Road, Springfield; $191,300

Timothy Reid to Community Service Inc., 1030 McCain Ave., Springfield; $100,000

Church Baptist Trydestone Missionary to Community Service Inc., 1000 McCain Ave., Springfield; $60,000

James W. and April J. Mongold to Klizzie Homes LLC, 336 Montgomery Ave., Springfield; no fee