Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Cases called included:

21CV0245: Pyper Hively v. John Logue, Dominick S. Kealy, West Wind Construction LLC, Christopher R. Jones, bureau of workers comp appeal.

21CV0246: Katherine L. Beverly, The Flora Homes LLC, John Logue, bureau of workers comp appeal.

21CV0247: Amiee M. Collett, The Kroger Co., John Logue, bureau of workers comp appeal.

All case filings are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Jason R. Chilman to Jessie Louise and Ellhue Scott Bowles Jr., 3318 S. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Charleston; $359,900

Wilbur L. and Ermal M. Bryant to Ermal M. Bryant, 9050 Selma Pike, South Charleston; no fee

Guy and Geraldine Conley to Guy Conley, Enon Xenia Road, Fairborn; no fee

Charlene Hix to Richard L. and Tracy L. Littetal, 7141 Stine Road, Enon; $99,000

Robert R. and Eileen E. Smelko to Eileen E. Smelko, 220 Countryside Dr., Enon; no fee

Hannah E. Williams to Jordann A. and Marcus G. Laughman, 5287 Twitchell Road, Springfield; $185,000

Cavins Excavating Inc., to Richard G. and Heather M. Huxley, Mumper Road, Springfield; $25,000

Sheila J. Rue Trustee to Mary Lou Kenney, 3978 Covington Dr., Springfield; $105,000

Aaron J. Placke to Jonathan C. McMaken, 1603 McGillivray Ave., Springfield; $201,000