Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0447: Allan R. Rea and Cassandra D. Rea v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, breach of contract.

24CV0448: Donald Robbins and Jodi Robbins v. Russell Land Services LLC, breach of contract.

24CV0449: MyUSA Credit Union Inc. v. Cynthia Jackson, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Ryan T. Cleland, 25, of Springfield, teacher, and Abigail G. Grieser, 23, of New Carlisle, student.

Andrew J. Metz, 59, of South Vienna, senior financial analyst, and Ting Yang, 52, of South Vienna, nail technician.

Destiny H. Ferrigno, 22, of New Carlisle, bartender, and Johnathon G. Klawonn, 20, of New Carlisle, lineman.

Emily B. Absten, 33, of South Charleston, teacher, and Matthew A. Cheney, 30, of South Charleston, ABF Freight.

Emily Quirindongo, 22, of Springfield, homemaker, and David R. Grisso, 25, of Springfield, trash hauler.

Property transfers:

Carolyn E. Gilley to Ronald C. Mumma, 39 Snider Road, New Carlisle; $115,000.

Grestina L. Cox to Barry Willoughby, 92 Lammes Lane, New Carlisle; $620,000.

Timothy A. Copley Jr. to David R. and Ann R. Groenig, 2139 Katherine Blvd., Medway; $300,000.

Stanley E. and Rachele Mullenix to Rachele Mullenix, 71 Carlotta St., New Carlisle; $0.

Keith J. Westpfahl to Dustin Johnson, 1264 Frayne Drive, New Carlisle; $175,000.

Cathy L. Blue to Cathy L. and David Blue, 203 Shepard St., New Carlisle; $0.

Sherman W. and Kristin G. Massie to Sherman W. Massie, 5549 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; $0.

Joshua T. and Donald W. McKee Jr. to Brandon E. Curtis, 4013 Osborn Road, Medway; $120,000.

Timothy J. and Beth A. Roberts to Adrianne C. Phillips, 809 Victory Road, Springfield; $360,000.

Goodall Properties LLC to Kegley Enterprises LLC, 311 Ohio St., New Carlisle; $350,000.

Jeffrey A. Bowen to Paul W. Slater III, 906 Pepperwood Drive, New Carlisle; $150,000.

Masters Property Investments LLC to Michael A. Voorhees, 1105 W. Lake Ave., New Carlisle; $200,000.

Cheryl L. Chassereau to Premier Property Rentals LTD, 707 White Pine St., New Carlisle; $0.

Premier Property Rentals LTD to Tierra Mia Investments LLC, 219 Rawson Drive, New Carlisle; $65,000.

Tracy R. and David L. Wilson to Levi H. Cotterman, 907 W. Washington St., New Carlisle; $155,000.

Vincent F. Guillory to Jennifer D. Bauman, 322 Funston Ave., New Carlisle; $0.

Terry A. and Rae L. Metz to Terry A. Metz, 803 W. Washington St., New Carlisle; $0.

Joshua B. and Jamie R. Gibson to Mario R. Martinez, 3733 Saint Paris Pike, Springfield; $210,000.

Terry L. Rybicki to Anna L. and Dwight C. Kenerly Sr., 2255 Manhattan Blvd., Springfield; $138,000.

Warren W. Maine to Warren W. Maine, 4463 Saint Paris Pike, Springfield; $0.

Rick L. and Dianna L. Cox to Nathan and Lillian H. Riehl, 2341 Shrine Road, Springfield; $205,000.

Jeffrey Stelzer to Jennifer Shantie and Brian Forbes, 1986 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; $439,000.

Howard E. and Betty L. Lough to Stephen R. and Jeannie C. Bourg, 4383 Detrick-Jordan Pike, Springfield; $175,000.

Gary P. Cottle to Shaun P. Cottle, 5580 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; $0.

James A. and Marion Moore, co trustees to MT HE LLC, 7142 E. National Road, South Charleston; $0.

CK1 Holdings LLC to Kenneth Reitzel, 11161 E. National Road, South Vienna; $235,000.

David C. Smith to Dennis J. Haney, 12811 E. National Road, South Vienna; $0.

Annye L. Barnhiser Jones to Annye L. Barnhiser, 2572 Stewart Road, South Charleston; $0.

Seth R. and Emylee R. Scott to Ashley D. Kinner, 110 W. Mound St., South Charleston; $204,500.

Russell A. and Rose L. White to Jade A. and Russell L. Workman II, 139 W. Mound St., South Charleston; $278,500.

Venture Real Estate Group LLC to Vanover Rentals LLC, 115 W. Mound St., South Charleston; $32,400.

Aaron K. and Rachel M. Baldauff to Nathaniel Brown and Emily Brown, 15 W. Jamestown St., South Charleston; $250,000.

Union Home Mortgage Corp to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 512 Section Line Drive, South Charleston; $0.