Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0336: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Charles D. Lockhart, breach of contract.

23CV0337: U.S. Bank Trust National Association, not in its individual capacity but solely as owner trustee for RCF 2 Acquisition Trust v. Richard M. Hobson, Stacy L. Hobson, foreclosure.

23CV0338: Stephen E. Hoberty, Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Clement L. Hoberty, Jr. v. Diana Lynn Rheubert, other civil.

23CV0339: Assignee of Velocity Investments, LLC v. Ruth Snider, action for money.

23CV0340: OneMain Financial Group, LLC v. Nichole Fugate, action for money.

23CV0341: John W. Aekins v. Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P., Skelton Truck Lines, Inc., Aalicia E. Smith, personal injury.

23CV0342: Palmer Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. v. Maviro Inc., complaint for damages.

23CV0343: Joseph Kibler v. Sunshine Wehner, other civil.

23CV0344: Edgar Hubbard, Jr. v. John Logue, administrator, Navistar, Inc., Terry Tortfeasors 1-10, other civil.

23CV0345: Ethel I. Harwood, administrator v. Taylor Nicole Adkins, Doordash, Inc., Michael Gregory Douglas Taylor, Sr., wrongful death.

Property transfers:

Linda M. Hensley to Sherri Lowrie, 128 S. Church St., South Charleston; none.

Cheryl S. Deckard and Connie J. Babcock to Cheryl S. Deckard and Connie Jean Babcock, 7000 New Horizon Ave., Enon; none.

Cheryl S. Deckard and Connie J. Babcock to Cheryl S. Deckard, 4185 Green Meadoes Drive, Enon; none.

Cheryl S. Deckard and Connie J. Babcock to Cheryl S. Deckard, 6610 Emerald Ave., Enon; none.

Timothy D. Devore, trustee to Carol H. Devore, 341-345 E. Main St., Enon; none.

Robert D. Heckler and Penny Creighton to Penny Creighton, 11 Green Vista Drive, Enon; none.

Trudy Brackney to Charles L. and Susan L. Landis, 2401 Erter Drive, Springfield; $192,000.

Ashlie D. and Jeremy D. Walter to Jaime J. Errett, 1836 Pepper Ave., Springfield; $210,000.

Susan K. Updike Cowgill to Brittany S. Spitnale, 4142 Tacoma St., Springfield; none.

WJHOH LLC to Jacob Smiddy, 1902 Erika Drive, Springfield; $210,000.