Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0317: Daimler Truck Financial Services USA LLC, Successor in Interest to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC v. Lisa Boswell, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Cade A. Kelly, 24, of Springfield, retail and Hailey E. Deppen, 23, of Springfield, massage therapist.

Property transfers:

Matthew V. and Cynthia A. Johnson to Nicole and Roger L. Borst Jr., 5665 Morris Road, Springfield; $570,000.

Joshua R. Smedley to Treyton R. Smedley, 1731 Merrydale Road, Springfield; $177,000.

Roger M. and Joyce A. Burger to Olaf Tucker, 1523 McGillivray Ave., Springfield; $247,000.

Robert L. and Nancy L. Braun to Nancy L. Braun, 5875 New Castle Lane, Springfield; $0.

Timothy L. Whitacre to Angelo T. Delledonne, 4431 Randall Drive, Springfield; $190,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Richard Van Bourgondien, 1251 Student Ave., Springfield; $140,000.

Overholser Builders LLC to Lisa Fent, 4514 Village Court, Springfield; $249,900.

Francis P. and Cynthia A. Catanzaro to Robert and Heather Kline, 220 Thomaston Trail, Springfield; $299,900.

Jimmy F. and Mandy Wills to Maci Krites, 6976 Addison-New Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $140,000.

Jennifer M. Reedy to Sharon Hopkins, 2283 Fairfield Pike, Springfield; $92,000.

Paul M. Smedley Jr. to Joshua R. Smedley, 712 Vale-Cemetery Road, Springfield; $265,000.

Donald D. and Linda K. Hatfield to Teddy and Amanda Thornburg, 621 Neosha Ave., Springfield; $38,000.

NVR Inc. to Aijaz Ahmed, 225 London Ave., Springfield; $359,200.

Aug Property Investments LLC to Roxie Potts, 2740 Dwight Road, Springfield; $192,000.

Melinda K. Stinger to Melinda K. and David L. Stinger, trustees, 3137 Nantucket St., Springfield; $0.

Chad M. and Melissa A. Mason to Kristin S. Bostick, 1947 Providence Ave., Springfield; $140,000.

Corey and Brooke Vonderhuevel to Rashad S. Harris, 2812 Conestoga St., Springfield; $264,000.

Richard L. and Marjorie R. Donahue to Marjorie R. Donahue, 2539 Home Orchard Drive, Springfield; $0.

Mental Health Services for Clark County to Nezhad Family Limited Partnership, 924 E. Home Road, Springfield; $200,000.

Comfort Living LLC to JAMSRL LLC, 1538-1540 W. High St., Springfield; $60,000.

James L. Wagner to CBMM Properties LLC, 799 W. State St., Springfield; $27,500.

Comfort Living LLC to Robert Willis Sr., 1100 Broadway St., Springfield; $175,000.

Anabelle Ahumada to Oswaldo Enriquez, 608 1/2 W. North St., Springfield; $0.

Patricia E. Allison to Patricia E. Allison, trustee, 1522 Woodland Road, Springfield; $0.

Boy Scouts of America Tecumseh Council to 515 Legacy Group LLC, 326 S. Thompson Ave.; $0.

Bryan K. Owen to Bryan K. and Rebecca M. Owen, 2140 Rutland Ave., Springfield; $0.

Secretary of House & Urban Development to Don F. Boyd, 1426 Texas Ave., Springfield; $0.

Mary M. Owen to Sierra Cronkleton, 2206 Tanager Road, Springfield; $112,000.