Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Nathaniel Doman, 22, of Springfield, department manager and Tessa Keplinger, 21, of Springfield, dog trainer.

James Ray, 60, of Enon, disabled and Patricia Ray, 62, of Enon, retired.

Tyler Sowards, 23, of Springfield, point of contact and Stephanie Brooks, 23, of Springfield, packer.

Shelby Miller, 27, of Springfield, bank teller and Brandon Gilliland, 28, of Springfield, mechanic.

Property transfers:

Kevin Lee Voss to Raymond E. and Connie L. Jones, 1541 Uplands Dr., Springfield; $9,000

Andrew R. Griswold to David C. and Cheryl L. Rust, 6981 Chama Trail, Enon; $171,000

Lloyd Ellsworth and Bobbie B. Glackin to Bobbie B. Glackin, 6346 Renee St., Springfield; no fee

Ricky L. and Sherry L. Fleming to Allison M. Dave, 1438 Kingsgate Road, Springfield; $354,000

Marjorie J. Hutslar to AJ Laughlin II, 2942 Imperial Blvd., Springfield; $160,100

April N. Frank and Matthew L. Williams to Megan S. Cuy and Rodolfo B. Cuy Castellanos, 134 S. Light St., Springfield; $59,900

Laronne T. Baber to 731 Dilbert LLC, 731 Dibert Ave., Springfield; no fee

Carol J. Clark to James R. and L. Gail Myers, 1542 Briarwood Ter, Springfield; $160,000

Matthew T. Sheridan Jr., to Thomas J. Sheridan, 1422 Beacon St., Springfield; no fee

Thomas J. Sheridan to Barbara G. Hart, 1422 Beacon St., Springfield; $12,300

Homesteads of Hope to Kevin and Karen M. Hocker, 250 E. Lansdowne Ave., Springfield; $20,000

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