Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0253: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Zoie Merchant, action for money.

24CV0254: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Tavion W. Brooks, action for money.

24CV0255: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Morgan Reeder, action for money.

24CV0256: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Shereen Kfard, action for money.

24CV0257: Quicken Loans , LLC, Quicken Loans Inc., Rocket Mortgage, LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Chelsea Depausata, Chelsea L. DePausata, Zaylen Depausata, Zaylen A. Depausata, United State of America, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, foreclosure.

24CV0258: The Huntington National Bank v. Clark County Treasurer, John Doe, Real Name Unknown, The Unknown Spouse, If any, of Amanda Taulbee, Amanda Taulbee, foreclosure.

24CV0259: U.S. Bank National Association v. Clark County Treasurer, Jacinda Marie Hatfield, Jeffrey Allen Hatfield, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, foreclosure.

24CV0260: General Electric Credit Union v. Dakota Jones, Nicholas Robinson, replevin.

24CV0261: Freedom Mortgage Corporation v. Capital One, NA, Capitol One Bank USA NA, Midland Funding DE, LLC, Midland Funding LLC, Rita D. Shealey, Treasurer of Clark County, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Rita D. Shealey foreclosure.

24CV0262: Dre Carey v. Ohio Tri County Food Alliance, Second Harvest Food Bank of Clark, Champaign and Logan Counties, action for money.

24CV0263: Janette Hickman v. State of Ohio, Department of Medicaid, Eric Woodland, Tonya A. Woodland, action for money.

24CV0264: IH Credit Union, Inc. v. Troy L. Fowler, breach of contract.

Marriage licenses:

Elijah L. Cochran, 28, of Tremont City, USAF and Lina A. Spada, 27, of Tremont City, teacher.

Property transfers:

Andrew C. M. and Katherine E. Waymire to Andrew C. M. and Katherine E. Waymire, 5795 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; $0.

Zachary Restau to Ryan A. Pettit, 175 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; $235,000.

Fred W. Payne and Hattie Opal to Mary and Roger Stratton, 701 N. Scott St., New Carlisle; $125,000.

Donna L. Lindeman, trustee to Donna L. Lindeman, 1004 Corona Circle, New Carlisle; $0.

Bernard E. and Judy C. Palmatier to Phillip H. and Amber Durrant, 311 N. Adams St., New Carlisle; $217,000.

Charlotte L. M. Burnside to Emily M. Minnich, 211 Smith Blvd., New Carlisle; $247,000.

Jennifer S. Duncan to Clark County Park District Board of Park, 5281 River Road, Springfield; $0.

James D. and Kathy S. Foster to James D. and Kathy Foster, trustees, 5260 Hominy Ridge Road, Springfield; $0.

Kevin Lycans to Roy K. and Katrina A. Lycans, 5432 Snyder-Domer Road, Springfield; $0.

Phillip S. Hemry to Laura A. Lippencott, 1045 White Oak Drive, Springfield; $192,000.

Harlis Price to Larry L. Price, 18 Blose St., Tremont City; $0.

Gloria J. Portis to Frank W. Lieghley, 3500 E. Pitchin Road, Springfield; $225,000.

Janice Wright, trustee to Janice Wright, 2100 E. Jackson Road, Springfield; $0.