Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0443: Accelerated Inventory Management, LLC v. Shawn Dement, money on action.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Alexandra Horton, 33, of Springfield, esthetician and Anthony Sturgill, 31, of Springfield, welder.

Judith Culp, 68, of Springfield, retired and William Schutte, 68, of Springfield, retired.

Jason Mowed, 32, of South Charleston, HVAC tech and Kimberly Roby, 22, of Springfield, none.

Property transfers:

Darrell Kelsey to Gregs Hauling LLC, 814 W. North St., Springfield; $18,500.

Amy L. Wheeler to Alexander James Henz, 1851 Overlook Dr., Springfield; $120,000.

Beedy Rentals LLC to Kaitlyn Maryse Bland, 2234 N. Hadley Road, Springfield; $95,000.

Carah Powers to Daniel Landis and Samantha L. Eggers, 2505 Irwin Ave., Springfield; $116,000.

Maxaboo Holdings LLC to Dwaine Wallace, Arlington Ave., Springfield; $130,000.

Maxaboo Holdings LLC to Dwaine Wallace, 2206 Windsor Ave., Springfield; $130,000.

Nott Bad Investments LLC to MKT Venture LLC, 2022 Cleveland Ave., Springfield; $45,000.

McWhorter Properties and General to NOA Investments LLC, 1567 Karr St., Springfield; $56,000.

Patricia A. Young to Rebecca O’Brien, 2451 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; $70,000.

Renee D. Jackson to William Kenneth and Brandi Dixon, 2540 Tecumseh Ave., Springfield; $99,000.