Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0309: Sheryl Cox v. Bradley University, Director, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, notice of appeal/civil.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Olivia M. Monst, 29, of South Charleston, home maker and Donald J. Littler, 37, of South Charleston, service manager.

Allison M. Y. Leonard, 22, of Springfield and Robert M. Allison, 23, of Springfield, MSR banker.

Dominic W. Strodes, 31, of Springfield, social workers and Shanika L. Phillips, 32, of Springfield, customer service.

Christopher A. Ammons, 34, of Springfield, firefighter/paramedic and Kasey E. Stewart, 35, of Springfield, manager.

Property transfers:

Michael D. and Roberta L. Ginter to Presley P. Hawley, 357 S. Urbana St., South Vienna; $119,000.

Premier Property Rentals LTD to Solar Collective LLC, 28, 28 1/2 W. Main St., South Vienna; $1,646,000.

Solar Collective LLF to Premier Property Rentals LTD, 25 W. North St., South Vienna; $0.

Michael D. and Heidi N. Blankenship to Rachel Blankenship, 21 E. North St., South Vienna; $100,000.

Premier Property Rentals LTD to Solar Collective LLC, 17 E. Main St., South Vienna; $1,646,000.

Kevin J. and Martin D. Henry to Stanley B. and Dorothy A. Anderson, 7776 Clifton Road, South Charleston; $239,000.

Leonard D. Einfeldt Jr. to Leonard D. Einfeldt Jr., trustee, 2071 Willow Run Circle, Enon; $0.

Dale A. and Melissa Mueller to Larry and Karen Shepherd, 1130 Meadowlark Drive, Enon; $289,000.

Jimmie D. and Diane L. Lykins to Diane L. Lykins, 1727 Biscayne Drive, Springfield; $0.

Julie L. Pirtle and Mayme Hiff to Julie L. Pirtle, 4885 Bosart Road, Springfield; $0.

Geri A. Bostic to Geri A. and Walter D. Bostic, 4259 Phoenix Drive, Springfield; $0.

Barbara J. Hanson to Kurt W. Hanson, 4894 Auston St., Springfield; $0.

Michael Jones Desings Inc. to Christopher Fernandez, 5025 Ridgewood Road E., Springfield; $265,000.

Roy and Theresa Rape to Nicolette Lookabaugh, trustee, 1898 Birchwood Court, Springfield; $299,000.

Green Monkey Building Systems LLC to Wesmont 1145 LLC, 1145 Westmont Drive, Springfield; $0.

David A. and Tonia L. Wright to Charles A. Turner Jr. and Ranequia Rhodes, 4370 Tudor Circle, Springfield; $194,400.

Kathleen M. Rogers to Zayne P. Taylor and Zane A. Chiles, 4270 Imperial Drive, Springfield; $185,000.

Heather and Robert Kline Jr. to Jims HK Denis, 4236 Willowbrook Drive, Springfield; $199,900.

Naomi R. and Michael S. Pluchinsky Jr. to Michael S. Pluchinsky Jr., 5738 Victorian Way, Springfield; $0.

Hal Don Properties LLC to Antoinette L. Heuer, 2425 N. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; $440,000.

Ryan Minniear and Harley Harkins to Nicholas A. Everage, 11121 Detrick-Jordan Pike, New Carlile; $269,000.

Ogletree Enterprises LLC to James and Angela High, 5352 Dayton-Brandt Road, New Carlisle; $150,000.

Howard C. Davis to Melissa Persinger, 10040 Broadgauge Road, Mechanicsburg; $0.