Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0201: HSBC Bank USA, National Association as Trustee for Wells Fargo Home Equity Asset-Backed Securities 2006-I Trust, Home Equity Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2006-I v. Clark County Treasurer, Jane Doe Name Unknown, the Unknown Spouse of Christopher W. Thomas if any, State of Ohio, Department of Taxation, Christopher W. Thomas, Terri L. Thomas, foreclosure.

23CV0202: Jamison T. Gilmore, II v. John Logue, Administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Topre America Corporation, bureau of workers comp appeal.

23CV0203: Cincinnati Insurance Company v. Mark Day, John Dow, action for money.

23CV0204: Grange Indemnity Insurance Company v. Olivia Nicole Matherson, action for money.

23CV0205: Colt Barney v. Debra K. Myers, Steven W. Myers, personal injury.

23CV0206: American Express National Bank v. Donnell Cook, Reliable Log Home Estoriation, LLC, action for money.

23CV0207: Wilmington Savings Fund Society c/o Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC v. John Doe and / or Jane Doe unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Administrators, Executors and Assigns of Sandra Sexton, Deceased, John Doe Unknown Spouse if any of Sandra Sexton, John Doe Unknown Spouse if any of Terri Sexton, Amy Sexton, Gary Sexton, Terri Sexton, State of Ohio Department of Medicaid c/o Ohio Attorney General Special Counsel, foreclosure.

Marriage licenses:

Lori L. Wolcott, 64, of Springfield, owner Wags Inn and Daniel P. D’Arrigo, 67, of Springfield, financial rep.

Michael G. Young, II, 32, of Springfield, Navistar and Keshia N. E. Berrien, 34, of Springfield, McGregor.

Madeline K. French, 26, of Springfield, dental hygienist and Collin M. Hasty, 27, of Springfield, warehouse worker.

Property transfers:

Barbara A. Hall to Jeremy W. Russell and Carlista R. Todd, 150 Green Valley Drive, Enon; $225,000.

Jerry W. Price to Robin C. Barry, 820 Spring Lake Circle, Enon; $130,400.

Sherman Garrison Properties LLC to Paul E. and Hannah Linn, 262 Green Vista Drive, Enon; $240,000.

Judith A. Woods to Ralph D. and Patricia A. Castle, 4406, 4382 Moorefield Road, Springfield; $37,000.

Karen and Zeigler and Donald Thurman to Karen F. Zeigler and Donald R. Thurman, 2711 Windy Ridge Drive, Springfield; $0.

David G. and Colleen S. Whitaker to David G. and Colleen S. Whitaker, 1714 Elaina Drive, Springfield; $0.