Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0038: Cecil Suttles and Danielle Suttles v. Stephen Marlow and Heidi Marlow, action for money.

22CV0039: Michele L. Burton v. Dayton Freight Lines Incorporated, Jon T. DeWitt, John Does 1-5, Progressive Insurance Company, State of Ohio Department of Medicaid, personal injury.

22CV0040: William Elliot v. William Fyffe, John Doe, State Farm Insurance, personal injury.

22CV0041: Elden W. Timmerman v. Stephanie McCloud, Navistar, bureau of workers comp appeal.

22CV0042: Debbra Mancz-Bush v. Geico Insurance Company, Earl Carey, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Lisa Marie Lece, 25, of Springfield, unemployed and Shawn Mikel Ray Mollett, 23, of Springfield, floor tech.

Kylie Elizabeth Hubbard, 18, of Springfield, student and Christopher Lee Coy, 19, of Springfield, general laborer.

Ashley Nichole Wells, 21, of Springfield, press operator and Brandon James Oppy, 20, of Springfield, press operator.

Dana Marier Carter, 34, of Springfield, operations and Kenneth Allen Lavoie, 57, of Springfield, warehouse.

Joseph M. Setty, 49, of Springfield, manufacturing and Danielle Culp, 46, of Springfield, remodeling.

Corey Richard Hayner, 31, of Springfield, machine operator and Chandra Noel Theetge, 35, of Springfield, corrections officer.

Colleen June Baliga, 29, of Irving, Tex., physical therapist and Bradley William Macleod, 29, of Springfield, pilot.

Courtney Paige McConnaughey, 27, of New Carlisle, project assistant and Taylor Nalson Turnmire, 29, of New Carlisle, welder.

Justin Scott Lisch, 28, of Springfield, GIS specialist and Lindsey Faith Wright, 30, of Springfield, nurse practitioner.

Randy Allen Witherspoon, of New Carlisle, 38, dryer operator and Jocelyn Ibarra Canizares, 41, of New Carlisle, none.