Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0545: Jesse Roper v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administrator, Springfield City Schools, bureau of workers comp appeal.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Curtis H. and Molly E. Smith to Aaron C. Howard, 933 Oak St., Springfield; $5,000.

Norma Jean Kascsak to Sophia M. and Alex P. Bowermaster, 1215 Kenton St., Springfield; $28,500.

Maria S. Carberea to Paul and Matylene Francois Pierre, 1116 Oak St., Springfield; $54,000.

Anthony Gene Mills to Mindy S. Dorton, 1121 Fox St., Springfield; none.

Henry E. Gilbreath to Carlotta Murphy, 1449 Obenchain Ave., Springfield; none.

Marvin W. Harper to Mr. Deeds LLC, 38 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; $18,000.

Charles W. and Rosemary Sheehan to Charles W. Sheehan, 1134 E. Main St., Springfield; none.

Charles W. and Rosemary Sheehan to Charles W. Sheehan, 1140 E. Main St., Springfield; none.

Larita Wood to Gary Wood, 1596 Warder St., Springfield; none.

Jay and Jeffrey Carpenter to Jay Carpenter, 1922 Timberline Trail, Springfield; none.

Jennifer E. Dicks to Randy and Heather Smoot, 2232 Ontario Ave., Springfield; $49,000.

Racquel Fowler Dearmond to Tyson Dearmond, 467 Harrison St., Springfield; $3,000.

Charles A. Lemley to Aldo Francisco Roblero Ortega, 517 Scott St., Springfield; $15,000.