Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0202: Jamison Gilmore II v. John Logue, Administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Topre America Corporation, bureau of workers comp appeal.

23CV0203: Cincinnati Insurance Company v. Mark Day, John Doe, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Kelli Shake, 38, of Springfield, claims analyst and William Blackburn, 36, of Springfield, upfitter.

David Prall, 40, of Springfield, driver and Renea Villanueva-Flores, 40, of Springfield, manager.

Property transfers:

Community Mercy Health Partners to Dustin and Mindy L. Hughes, 1980 Kingsgate Road, Springfield; $186,000.

David A. and Pamela J. Swords to Garry A. Barhorst, 1721 Pinehurst Drive, Springfield; $216,000.

Jerry A. and Shellie L. Delaney to Theodore R. Ford and Wendy L. Shaffer, 1275 Quinlan Court, Springfield; 407,500.

Shanalynn K. Manzke and Daryl J. Bitzan to Kelvin and Celeste Gaskins, 2801 Wellsford Lane, Springfield; $246,900.

Dillon J. Smith to Thomas Patrick Smith, 2913 Avery Circle, Springfield; $135,000.

Patricia L. Brantley to Great Value Rentals LLC, 503 Portage Path, Springfield; $70,000.

Jonathan E. Bishop and Robin L. Jordan to Matthew D. Deal, 1935 Amanda St., Springfield; $129,000.

Kenneth A. Hopper to Kenneth A. and Janet M. Hopper, 1954 Pompano St., Springfield; none.

Nathan L. and Linda M. Robinson to Oliver Bane, 1125 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $75,000.

Barbara G. Hart to Buyers LLC, 401 W. High St., Springfield; $3,000.

Barbara G. Hart to Buyers LLC, 109 S. Plum St., Springfield; $3,000.

Barbara G. Hart to Buyers LLC, 111 S. Plum St., Springfield; $3,000.