Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Cases called included:

21CV0236: Aaron C. Ruf v. September Ends CO. Superior Trim, Stephanie B. McCloud, Administrator Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, bureau of worker’s comp appeal.

21CV0237: Brian Jordan v. Kenzie Flynn, Todd Flynn, personal injury.

21CV0238: NTL Collegiate STNDT LN TRST 2007-3 A Delaware Statutory Trust v. Matthew Poole, Matthew W. Poole, action for money.

21CV0239: NTL Collegiate STNDT LN TRST 2006-3 A Delaware Statutory Trust v. Matthew Poole, Matthew W. Poole, action for money.

All case filings are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Hannah Marie Whited, 30, of Springfield, senior specialist and Andrew Cole Davis, 27, of Springfield, specialist.

Amie Jeanne Myers, 32, of Springfield, accounting and Adam Michael Roeder, 37, of Springfield, tool maker.

Property transfers:

Adams P. Niepsuj to Morgan Ellen Mumma and Adam P. Niepsuj, 254 S. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Brandon T. Wilson to David R. and Meghan R. Allen, 7984 Milton-Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $245,000

Peggy L. Welles Trustee to Kathy J. and Richard F. Shultz, 10833 Kendig Road, New Carlisle; $235,900

Ausra and Robert J. Penkal II to Annette Zanko, 1200 Styer Dr., New Carlisle; $74,000

Janice E. Sullivan to Joyce and Charles Hamblin, 1247 Styer Dr., New Carlisle; $104,000

Jeffery A. Runyon to Genesis 7 Properties Limited, 1121 Bookwalter Ave., New Carlisle; $95,000

Brandy N. and Troy Rose to Megan Lashea Belvins, 420 E. Carpenter Dr., New Carlisle; $139,000

Teresa M. and Fred L. Pitstick to Brent W. and Lauren C. Parke, 1207 Frayne Dr., New Carlisle; $94,000

James W. Burrows Trustee Patrick C. Burrowes Trustee, Lower Valley Pike, Medway; no fee

Rodz Bros Construction & Remodeling LLC to Enrique Castro Cervantes, 513 Colony Trail, New Carlisle; $255,000

Mark E. Davison to Kyle Leis to Charlotte Jean Wilson, 321 Prentice Dr., New Carlisle; $122,500

Sarah N. Kroener and Adam M. Wisecup to Jack McPeek, 503 N. Church St., New Carlisle; $61,000

Linda and Sherman D. Sanford to Laura C. and William Marker, Adams St., New Carlisle; no fee

Linda and Sherman D. Sanford to William and Laura C. Marker, 207 N. Adams St., New Carlisle; $75,000