Clark County Common Pleas cases

Property transfers:

Rhyan J. and Heather A. Ashbaugh to Tyler Orric, 46 Oaklawn Ave., Medway; $155,000

Susie Justine Clark to Thomas David Clark, 9817 W. National Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Cynthia A. and Douglas Alan Tillberry to Myranda and Kaleb Brown, 39 Dogwood Road, Medway; $98,000

John E. and Angela J. Gaddis to Zachary S. Baker, 113 Jamestown Road, South Charleston; $136,000

Thomas J. and Norma J. Russell to Laura D. Duemmel Trustee, 3865 Old Mill Road; no fee

William S. Johnson to Robert Johnson, 8210 Philadelphia Dr., Fairborn; $130,000

Jerry A. Howard to J.A. Howard Trucking Inc., 10955 Haddix Road, Fairborn; no fee

Michael Larry Stillman to Brandon L. Doakes, Grand Valley Dr., Enon; $42,500

Phillip and Cathy L. Suttles to Jacob Ray Hamilton, 5081 E. County Line Road, Springfield; $157,400

Debra J. and Robert M. Neidigh Jr., to Hurston E. and Florence E. Bills, 4604 Reno Lane, Springfield; $96,000

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